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The moon's outside my window beaming beautifully.
I don't say this enough.
I love you all. I am so blessed to have you in my life.
May the moon beam beautifully on you too.

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"Sorry To Bother You" is as important a film as "Get Out" and you need to see it right NOW.

Nine hours of sleep last night. I am ready to social again!

(First I need to shoot @acetone_kitten in the butt with Nerf darts.)

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Self-promotion Show more

I awake only because work and the dentist demand it.

Good toys get painted the finest colors.

We need to love and protect each other more than ever now.

Why can't we have neon glowy laser raves instead of fireworks?

On this day, may all your fireworks be metaphorical.

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Where's Dildo? Pt. 0 (NSFW?) Show more

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Are you in the Seattle area? Are we mutuals? Are you looking for a new housing situation around Octoberish? Please drop me a DM!

I'm looking for housemates to start a little household and I'm looking at a place in Fremont :)