Whole country has time travelled.

Give me another month to catch up.

Not ready to get out of bed.

I'll see it through! Just, I wish I had more to say through it.

Now, the super ambitious project I'm thinking about doing after Tegu, that has a lot to say.

Its always halfway through a project when you realize the lack of ambition in it :(

Gun mention, not related to news, alchemy 

Politics and sex 

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Hey, y'know what? Right now, send a DM to a friend about how awesome they are. Especially do this if you have a friend you value more than you think they realize.

"Arise from your bed!"
*pulls comforter over head*

A gathering of us emerged from Joyfish, sated and exhausted, overwhelmed by the bounty of edible sea life and mushrooms and potatoes in various sauces which were a surprisingly good combination.
Anyhow, we defeated the fishes, but at what cost??

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Heya everyone! Im still open for sprite commissions! I can make you a simple sprite of a character or im also offering a new type where I can make you a themed RPG health bar for a character. Check out my form and get one now! goo.gl/forms/a3BqaeNXVZpau9ks1 …

My body desires cleanliness but my brain desires sleep.

Do I have a migraine or are my NO levels inconceivably high?

In bed, 10-7. Only got 7 hours of sleep. This is my life.

Mister Crowley's Rock Opera 

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Community-member music Kickstarter, plz boost maybe? :) 

Walk pic, eye contact 

A reminder that Moog sells a small theremin called the Theremini.


@Ratttz and I are proud to announce a vertical slice of our upcoming RPG "TEGU!" It has all placeholder art but the sound and gameplay are all (mostly) complete.

Folks can try out the vertical slice here!
(Windows only, keyboard controls, 6 MB)

Expect the full game next year!

Hee hee... heheheh.. 

Dream description, slightly nasty 

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Hey fediverse if you want a game about disaster queers fighting fascists while using mechs made out of meat, buy the shit out of Extreme Meatpunks Forever.

Episodic; the first season is almost complete.



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