I couldn't resist sharing the image more directly.
It me! (not my commish, just my aesthetic) :-D

(via birdsite, hat tips to Ko for finding it)

@emanate That's similar to what I've been getting into the habit of as far as gender goes. "Are you a boy or a girl?"

I'm a Roady! Nothing else to it. No pronouns, no binaries. I'm just...Roady.

@Roady_Dragonfae @emanate definitely empathize. A thing I really resent about childhood was how quickly everything got gendered, there just wasn’t a place for gender identity to be “small child.”

@Leucrotta @Roady_Dragonfae Yeah. The annoying thing is, that's a fairly recent invention in the last... 60-70 years. Prior to that? Gendering kids at all was kinda bullshit. :-P


@emanate @Leucrotta @Roady_Dragonfae Yup, like when kids of all genders generally wore dresses until they were 2-8 until the 20th century: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breechin

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