They're releasing a special edition Pride Month copy of the Babadook.

Hampton Inn? Anagram of Phantom Inn. Nice try

She swallowed the egg before she came to the bar, then regurgitated it on cue! Quite disgusting, actually." -- Quark

This one reminds me of a beloved person who's not longer amongst us. I always think of him when I heat this song .

Omid 16B - Escape (Driving To Heaven)

I'm thinking of moving to a new instance, with a non-chaotic timeline but also active and fun. Any recommendations?

I just described my personality to a friend as being like a cat's personality, or, to illustrate: "fuck off, but also feed me"

She summoned and bound a demon, to demand an answer:
"What is magic?"
"You sum-"
"This is not magic."
"No," the demon admitted, "this is mechanics. Magic is transformation."
"Like lead to gold?"
"Any guided change. Knitting, smithing - all magic."
"I can do magic?"
"You know it."

Only supporting the LGBT+ community during June is capitalist culture

even if i decide to go down the route towards the other more researchy things i'm interested in, it's still all gonna start the same way, with biology.
so i guess that's the first leg of my journey plotted. get biology qualifications.

side benefit, being able to shut up the 'basic biology' wankers

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Just burn Facebook down and pretend it never happened tbh

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