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When a pregnant women’s miscarriage is displaced by cow dung soap, maybe it’s time to say - STOP!

As a card calling feminist who rants day in day out about Women’s safety issues I urge the cheerleaders of Hyderabad Police to remember that this is no movie, Police are no MUNNABHAI. Yet another system of checks and balances has failed to keep up the rule of law. It’s not a step ahead but multiple one back even on Women’s Safety issue. Satiates the bloodthirst at the cost of constructive debate on HOW to solve the core issue. Another Nirbhaya awaits somewhere. All in all - a sad outcome!

1. Prehistoric times - faced with subjugation chose to convert than rioting
2. ‘47 - chose India instead of migrating across the border
3. Accepted an out and out unfair verdict that contradicts itself multiple times.
WHY & HOW Indian Muslims need to prove their patriotism?

There should never be a reason to choose between either your religion or your country. If there is you’ve misinterpreted either of the two. My faith in Ram stays firm. So is my opinion that the judgement was a travesty. As a Ram Bhakt can’t comprehend praying on the site that is built on bloodbath & subjugation of our brethren. Goes against everything His life stood for. I’m sure He who walked away from it all on the eve of his coronation wouldn’t approve of it. Jai Shri Ram. Hindu not Hindutva!

We must be the worst place in this world, people asking religious minorities who are going to be denied justice to stay peaceful because we can’t control our nazis

Me Devdas, Twitter Paaro, Mastodon Chandramukhi. 😂

As a Hindu, an avid Ram bhakt who believes Ram was born in Ayodhya - I want masjid to be reconstructed & RSS to pay for it. My faith in Ram doesn’t need a temple. My faith in the constitution & judiciary DEMANDS justice be done for the first televised vandalism in this country!

3rd anniversary of ...

Demonetization was direct attack on the lives of poor Indians.

100+ people lost their life because of this, and no one was charged for their murder.

It was a SCAM.!

When a pregnant women’s miscarriage is displaced by cow dung soap, maybe it’s time to say - STOP!

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