(Boosts appreciated)

Does anyone spin? I have a ball of wool (unknown origin), a pair of 8" combs, and a couple drop spindles. I would love to see them go to a good home where they will be used, since I never got to learn how to do it.

Cover shipping and promise to tell me how it spins, and it's yours.

Thank you for all the boosts! We have found a home for the spinning stuff.

Go Team Mastodon!

@Arioch1530 Boosting this, especially for friends like @julia. (I have enough, or rather,... I have a number that, if added to, would make Loving Spouse twitch with nervousness...)

@jankoekepan I appreciate that!

I think the post in question was about 4 months ago and I'm pleased to report the roving and cards made their way to someone who was learning how to spin.

Somehow, I've yet to really get into yarn craft, but I have plenty of other textile hobbies to keep me busy. If the bug bites me, I'll look you up!

@Arioch1530 Oh wow no replies in months? Are you in the United States?

I'd be happy to get them to a good home, with either a novice spinner or my guild for lending and demos.

I have plenty myself, I also demonstrate at local events. You can see some of my work at

@feorlen They actually were shipped to a home days after I posted. I'm not sure why the post came back up, but it's neat to see all the people who are interested in spinning!

@Arioch1530 I hope they are well loved! I always do what I can to support new spinners

@Arioch1530 Have you had any takers for this? They look like wonderful tools.

@Arioch1530 Excellent! I had, it turned out, boosted it some time ago, but it reappeared in my timeline, and I noted how long ago this had been.

Thanks for letting me know!

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