New for October 2018

Random facts!
- In northern California, have lived in CA most of my life
- Turned 40 this year
- 2 divorces, but I'm now in a wonderful relationship
- Have 4 cats (and trying to steal my partner's dog)
- Work full time as a lead for a technical writing team
- No longer in school, but might return to finish some web development certificates
- Enjoy reading fantasy/sci fi
- Trying to get back into archery
- I go by Rin
- I post in spurts, mostly I lurk


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- I like crafting (mostly counted cross stitch, but I dabble in a lot of things)
- I'm a very picky eater.
- I think flamingos are pretty rad.
- I say things like "pretty rad."
- I check the female box on forms, but it doesn't really matter to me
- Sexuality is yes (self-identify as bi back from the days before pan was a thing)
- I have some mental health issues that I talk about occasionally, but I use CW as often as I can. (Depression and anxiety mostly.)


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