Fiber arts made difficult with "help" from a feline friend.

07/17/2020 Mindfulness 


Today I did 2 sessions! The first was more impactful I think. It was about being bigger than our reactions. The second was about being welcoming to sensations/distractions.

07/14/2020 Mindfulness 


Made an effort to get my meditation in early today and then forgot to post about it! Today was about focusing on sounds in your environment. I don't think it's as effective for me as some of the other techniques, but maybe if I had the right sounds. Time to dig out those "environmental music" CDs I have around here somewhere!

07/09/20 Mindfulness 


The dog went home and I took a luxurious 4-hour nap! But I also might have a sinus infection brewing... I have tomorrow off to sleep and recover. Today's meditation was about finding your centerline and using that as a focus when things get nutty. It's something I could probably use when I start feeling overwhelmed.

07/08/20 Mindfulness 


Today's session was about finding the still-point. It was probably my most distracted session since I started, but I hung in there. Mood-wise, I'm feeling a bit better. I think the house guest dog has finally settled into a routine - just in time for him to go home tomorrow. I have Friday off of work so I can sleep in and try to get my brain back in order over the weekend.

07/07/20 Mindfulness 


Ugh, this week has not been a good week for the brain squirrels and today was especially bad. But meditation got done! Today was about finding the "flow" but I don't think I did.

Today's quote really hit home. My partner commented that I've been all over the place and not focusing lately.

07/06/20 Mindfulness 


Today is the first day back to work after a week off. I managed to sneak in some meditation before my meetings started. Today was about finding the spot between too much focus in meditation and too little.

07/05/20 Mindfulness 


I think I was able to get my meditation today done around 1:00. I'm in the beginning (day 6) of a 30-day program about learning to meditate. Today was about finding a "home base" or something to focus on.

The 10-minute session was immediately followed by a nap because I am dog sitting an ancient dog with special needs and I haven't slept in a week.

Coworker: *completes work but leaves tickets open for days*

Me: You need to close your tickets as soon as you have all the work done. If you don't, it counts all that extra time against you (and the team) and screws up the reporting.

Coworker: Got it.

Coworker: *closes ticket before completing all the work*

Me: You have to complete all the work before closing the ticket.

Coworker: You told me to close tickets as soon as possible.


Crafting opinion time!

I'm planning a (rather ambitious) future crochet project that will involve a repeating motif of cat skulls with glowy eyes. The eyes will be in the blue-green range, but the background color is undecided.

Black is the obvious color choice, but what are some other options I can kick around?

Attached are my pixel patterns, they differ slightly depending on if the background will be black or something else. (Random pinkish background to show outline.)

Holy shit, I need to start researching authors better before making purchases.

The book I got was about making cat furniture (according to the cover, anyway, it's really just a waste of paper) and I saw that one of the books was about making money breeding puppies, which set off some red flags.

Looked for this book on Amazon so I could leave a scathing review there as well and found this gem in her list. (Sensitive for OMG how is this even real)

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Had a little visitor on the porch this afternoon!

Marked for sensitive because it's a cute little garter snake.

Poor guy was tangled in some spider webs and needed help. The picture is after I got most of the web off of him.

@noelle hit it out of the park for me with some for a work project (yes, I got to sneak Metallica and Megadeth into a work presentation)!

AriochPlans2019 - Catification 

Started really planning out the superhighway for the hall last night.

Had a *brilliant* idea to learn 3D modeling to plan it out. An hour into SketchUp and I had a rectangle. It was just too much for my lizard brain.

Down, but not out, I resorted to graph paper. It has a nice rustic feel... I'm totally not trying to make myself feel better about not being able to master software overnight.

A little twiddling and I have a plan!

food, meat 

I made sausage the other night!

Modified recipe because I didn't have the correct amount of chicken or any chicken with skin, so bacon provided the fat.

Used a hand-crank little grinder/stuffer. Took a while, but I think I'll get faster. Learning how to work with hog casing is a trip and the smell brought back some distinct memories of working in the microbiology lab.

I was last night! About 3 hours from design to test.

Rice-filled felt hand warmer in a shape. Many thanks to @Bordigan for consulting services on corgis.

And my phone is making things sideways again.

We had luck earlier today, let's try this again with another item that needs a home:

Anyone need a ?

I'm trying to get into the preservation box without destroying it so I can check the sizing, but I think it might be an 8.

Color is cream with almost a peach piping and stitching. The floral pattern is similar to pussy willow.

Will send to anyone who wants to cover shipping or if you're in Nor Cal, come and get it.

I don't know why Mastodon is posting pictures upside down.

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