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08/17/2020 Mindfulness 


I just spent the last 4 hours untangling some yarn I dyed over the weekend. Oops.

At least I managed to get my meditation in earlier today. Today was about digital distractions and the very common advice (that I will continue to ignore) about limiting how much time one spends lost on the internet.

(Although I will say that removing my reddit browsing prior to bed has improved my ability to fall asleep quickly.)

08/16/2020 Mindfulness 


Maybe try writing the days of the week up the side of the bottle. Put a rubber band on the bottle and move the band each day as you take the pills?

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08/16/2020 Mindfulness 


The dishes are definitely going faster with an application of mindfulness (or at least I perceive it as faster and that is just as good.) Today's session was about focus, but I don't remember much about it... oops.

*Clippy Voice* It looks like you're having trouble remembering if you took your vitamins.

I'm assuming a pill box would take up valuable boat space and you're just taking the pills out of the bottle. (Disregard next toot if not.)


08/15/2020 Mindfulness 

@Creaturista OK, maybe there's something to this. I did get distracted before I even made it to the kitchen... but once I got in there and going, I think I was able to do the dishes faster.

Normally I have to come up with convoluted patterns of behavior to keep myself focused and my back hurts when I'm done.

But today, I just repeated "keep my mind on the task at hand" and blew through the stack of dishes.

Once isn't a data point of note, but worth trying again!

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08/15/2020 Mindfulness 


Calm was back up and running today so I did the next day in the Focus series. This one talked about priorities and setting a single priority at a time and focusing on it like you focus on your breath during a meditation. I'm pretty sure I heard a chorus of brain squirrels chuckling in the background, but it's worth a shot.

I am off to mindfully focus on the dishes!

08/14/2020 Mindfulness 


The Calm app was on the fritz this morning so I did a plain unguided meditation. I discovered that the app for the brain wave thing doesn't chime when it's supposed to... I think it's my phone's fault.

08/13/2020 Mindfulness 


Decided to leave that community today - just not jiving with the person in charge and my presence seems to be a constant thorn in her side. We seem to have parted ways in good spirits, but time will tell.

Other than that, I did a guided meditation about focus today with my spiffy new brain wave thing. There is a definite difference in waves between active/guided meditation/unguided meditation. Data is cool!

08/12/2020 Mindfulness 


Exciting day! The Flowtime headband thing I ordered arrived and I got to give it a try! I can't vouch for its accuracy compared to having electrodes all over your head in a laboratory setting, but it picked up differences between me wearing it for normal activity and for meditation. Neat little toy!

My first session was about sleep and right before my nap. Then I did an unguided with the sensor thing to give it a test run.

08/11/2020 Mindfulness 


Did 2 sessions today - one sponsored by work (stretching and generic guided de-stress sort of meditation) and then I did one before my nap about sleep.

We've got a date night planned to watch the meteors tomorrow night and I'm really looking forward to it - ordering pizza and going to bake a cake and have strawberries!

I hope you feel better!

07/30/2020 Mindfulness 


Happy birthday, fellow Leo!

Today's session was back in the pain series. It would have been better if I had actually been in pain (that sounds weird) so I could have applied the technique.

I just finished a work meeting that was frustrating (gave the person the benefit of the doubt, but it turns out that they really just don't feel like applying themselves and would rather blame everything else) and probably need to do another session to let that go!

07/28 and 07/29/2020 Mindfulness (OOPS) 


Turns out I forgot to post yesterday! Meditation yesterday was about how changing a question can make it positive. The crux: You can ask "What's the point of this?" like an angsty teenager, or you can ask "What *is* the point of this?" and start digging in.

Today I returned to the pain series and worked on focusing attention and breathing on specific parts to reduce the perception of discomfort.

07/27/2020 Mindfulness 


Today I finished the 30 days of learning to meditate program! I really enjoyed it, but am looking forward to finishing the pain one (just in case) and sampling the others. I also got a book called "The Best Meditations on the Planet." We'll see how that holds up!

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FOMOBIIWTLTCAPOCTAWRTTBAPOS (fear of missing out bc if i wait too long to consume a piece of culture the author will reveal themselves to be a piece of shit)

07/26/2020 Mindfulness 


Ankle can bear weight, just waiting for range of motion to return and swelling to reduce.

Today's session was about being aware of being aware. Not sure I really gelled with it, but i was probably trying to over complicate things.

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I went down a very weird youtube rabbit hole and no one I know would even begin know what the hell this is.

Closer/Funkytown mashup:

07/25/2020 Mindfulness 


So last night we took the dog for a walk and made it a block, maybe?, away and I rolled my ankle HARD. Like, on the way down I thought I had shattered it. As I'm laying on the ground with Rob and dog very attentively watching me, I was able to concentrate on my breathing and get it together well enough to limp home. Yay for practical applications!

Today I did 2 sessions, one of which was about pain management. It's mostly for chronic, but everything helps.

07/24/2020 Mindfulness 


Almost forgot to post! Today was a 2-session day. (Honestly, my back was twinging from yoga yesterday and I didn't want to get up, so did 2 sessions,) They were both very similar and taking a different approach to meditation - being more loose and flowy. I tend to wander more without a focus, but it's something I'll come back to.

I also got a book in the mail today - The Best Meditations on the Planet by Dr. Martin Hart. Looking forward to diving in.

07/23/2020 Mindfulness 


Today I did a 30-minute stretch session hosted by my work. It's basic yoga and I get my ass kicked. I am out of shape. I also spent at least 10 minutes in the sun!

The meditation session I did was a review of the "mental muscles" the program has been focusing on: Equanimity, Clarity, Concentration, and Friendliness.

07/22/2020 Mindfulness 


Today has not been great. I woke up in a foul mood. Did two meditation sessions: one about interconnectedness and I inexplicably cried during it. The second was about the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

There was a quote in that one about there being a crack in everything because that's what lets in the light.

And I just came across another quote that I liked about perceptions: "We don't see things the way they are, we see them the way we are." Anais Nin

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