Rhetoric aside, there are three reasons broadly why across the country are problematic.

1. Mr Amit Shah is woefully unclear on what basis would they define citizenship? If you follow the NRC debate in Assam you'd know that legacy certificate as a documentary basis is nuts and has been responsible for a majority of misfortune there, precisely because many people despite being legal residents just don't have that data

Started the morning arguing with an ex-JNU student. In real life. Sigh. “A few hundred bucks more” may mean nothing to you but it certainly does to some people.

So basically in the last year of the second decade of the 21st century, all the gains India made, institution wise, has been dismantled completely.

As the third decade dawns, we know the road ahead won't just be dark, but very very dangerous.

No matter how much this government tries to distract - via media - the core issue is the economy.

Today's report on the drastic fall in consumer spending should alarm the govt more than anyone else.

It should also give a blueprint to the Congress. This is where your political strategy should lie.

Decline in consumer spending means rise of poverty. Couple this with rise of unemployment and the jigsaw puzzle is complete.

Hit where it hurts. Target Modi on this.

@Arnav1988 yes hopefully they will. But to take a stand people need hope. Like they will be better off after it. Thats what happens in any big movement. But for that they need a leader. We dont have one right now, do we? The other thing is any huge movement consists largely of students. This regime right now is discrediting anything and everything the students are doing.

But yes there is hope. Farmers, adivasi, students are taking students. Just need someone to give it a direction.

I think we're reaching that stage in India where the people en masse would soon demand bread, and clean air, standing outside the rich mansion of our PM. And he - and his ministers - would remark the infamous 'if they can't have bread, let them eat cake.' Or maybe 'carrots'.

I started this decade as a not-yet-undergraduate glued to the TV sets as Congress swept the 2009 polls. At least doomsday talks weren't fashionable then. There was still hope. Plenty of it. Hindu Rashtra was a shadow lurking away somewhere.

I will end this decade witnessing the slow incineration of a republic at the hands of another man from Gujarat.

We've come a long way.

Please do stop everything and watch Yovanovitch's testimonial at the Trump's . Damn, she is close to tears as she recounts the horrific experience of working under Trump in Ukraine. Her exact words: The color drained out from me when I read the transcript.


The BJP has said it will start a country wide agitation against Rahul Gandhi's comments on Rafale.

The BJP - which cares zero about Indians - has said nothing about the rising levels of pollution, not just in Delhi, but in many other cities.

BJP has also said nothing about the tanking economy.

This is just a reminder to show how bad the party's priorities are. And they claim copyright over nationalism.

Rahul Kanwal is debating about the 'hardliner' Muslims who are asking not to accept the 5 acre land given by Supreme Court.

Even at this age, all that the media can talk about is 'hardliner' Muslim Vs 'moderates'. There is no room to understand the basic fact that Muslim community is not a monolith.

And questions about the 5 acre land and review petition are genuine, felt across the board in the community.

Gandhiji's death was "accidental".
Just as Judge Loya's was.
Just as Gauri Lankesh's was.
Just as Dabholkar's was.
Just as Pansare's was.
True. The Sangh's enemies tend to suffer accidents.
This is what today's kids are being taught in school.

You know a leader's worth, by the empathy he/she expresses.

Ever since Delhi's pollution has gone bonkers, has any BJP expressed shock? Including our PM.

Instead, we have been bombarded with inanities. While air purifiers worth lakhs of rupees have been ordered for our PM.

Its time to stop and ask. Is he a leader or a freaking monarch?


Distant echoes of Hong Kong can be heard here in JNU.

"It is at these universities where young leaders and other students have been organizing revolts against the Chinese Communist Party and spreading the pro-democracy ideas that undergird the protests. And here too, that the students discuss the wealth inequality that has led to visions of a bleak future among many of their generation."


Do remember. The present VC of JNU - Jagadesh Kumar, at the forefront of the present crisis - never addressed publicly the serious charges of academic plagiarism against him.

And the man has gall to talk of inclusive education. To save JNU, this man has to go.


Sanghi nincompoops who run the Archeological Survey of India will start excavating Delhi's majestic Purana Qila. Why?

They believe there's a Mahabharata link.

The country keeps going down the hill. One day at a time.


BJP's battle is not just with JNU. Every university is on fire under this regime. Hyderabad, DU, Jamia, Aligarh, Benaras. You name it.

It's a thought worth pondering. What is it with universities that threaten the ruling party so much? These are simple unarmed students.

Why does the ruling party fear students so much?

... The change is always to make economics more democratic: from the rule of one family in slavery, to the rule of the church in feudalism, to the rule of rich folks who own capital to society collectively owning capital, to finally humanity living in a state of abundance, the abolition of class differences, where from each as per their ability to each as per their need.

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Rest of India: President's rule in Maharashtra is undemocratic!

Mumbaikars: Will Potholes be any different under President's rule?

There is nothing wrong in aligning with the Shiv Sena. In fights where the very identity of India is at stake, political expediency dictates you do what you can do to keep the larger evil - i.e BJP - out.

Whatever it takes.

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