We have to fight it out way more longer...

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Hope is the biggest tragedy of our times.

In India, most rape cases don't get reported because of lack of social awareness, education & involvement of family members in the crime. Places where people are socially aware, educated and feel safer to report such crimes, numbers go up. So take such data with a pinch of salt.

Sanghi logic - If the system is broken, instead of fixing it, break it further and make its chatni.

As someone asked, where are we heading?
The answer is, towards Annihilation.

New India is practically a projection of Male criminal mind: Egotistical, Insecure, Neurotic, Guilt Free and Sadistic.

Pakistan is a reality that says, a Nation build on Religious identity is a recipe for Disaster in every aspect of Human existence.

NSO's hushed-up report suggests that rural poverty rose nearly 4 percentage points between 2011-12 and 2017-18 to 30%. The estimated overall poverty rate went up nearly a percentage point to 23% in 2017-18. The rise implies that 30 million people fell below India’s official poverty line and joined the ranks of the poor over the past half a decade.

Now we can safely say, this current government is nothing but a Criminal Syndicate.

In New India anything is possible except Economic Development.

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PSA: Sexual assault and other violence against women is not “women’s issues”, it is “men’s issues”. Start fixing it, you monsters.

Pornography does not make its consumers sexually aggressive. In fact exposure to porn likely to make people adverse to sexual crimes.
In most cases sexual repression is responsible for sexual violence. Second reason is Male dominance. Thirdly, sadism.

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