@SaiaLePi0u Nothing for us. Their account is just on another mastodon instance. (One that is not overloaded) @Arr0w_root

@Alda @Arr0w_root Ooh. Will it be a good idea to change too before the website crashes ?

@SaiaLePi0u More like « before you have too many followers here that might not follow you with your new account. @Arr0w_root

@Arr0w_root @SaiaLePi0u But I doubt it will crash or close since its the flagship instance. The owner will need to throw more money at his server though.

@SaiaLePi0u @Arr0w_root The local TL should have less shitpost for now too on .xyz and more french people.

@Arr0w_root @nolan @Arr0w_root Yeah although on the other hand this instance has waaaay better uptime, and the UI is so fast! ❤️

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