16x20" charcoal on toned gray paper. The video can be found in the Youtube link.

This is my non-nude lingerie art (read more)

This 8x10″ charcoal portrait comes with an 11x14″ mat and is ready to be framed. If interested, feel free to purchase it through the Art Pal link. I have the timelapse video from August if you guys are interested in checking it out.

11x14" sepia sketching pencil on toned tan paper. Don't wanna forget my latest tutorial to show you guys! It's me drawing the of this and portrait along with voice-over narration. For more, feel free to subscribe to my Youtube! I finally have this and of "Playing with Nora" scanned. You can also view the timelapse video of it if you haven't yet (It's censored, but you can find me on and it's on there without the ugly block). I have a new on up! I also have a voiceover narration explaining my process, despite that I had a hard time doing so due to jumping all over. Therefore, it was SUPPOSE to be an to help others... but again... I jump around too much. "I wish I was born with your talent" If you are one who wishes they had the "talent" to be able to draw amazing pieces, but can't at the moment because you are not "born with it" this is for you.

# It appears I forgot to post this on Mastodon last week. By the way, I was 30 pounds lighter than today when I took the reference photo for this drawing. My new is up. I almost didn't put it up due to a couple reasons, which are said in the video. The art begins at about 1:37. Thankfully, I can post on Twitter. Too bad the video isn't though. It's alright. I will post it on without the big ugly black block soon.

Twitter Link to the Censored Version of "Playing with Nora" My latest uncensored drawing video on Youtube is up! Feel free to watch, like, and subscribe! Also, at some point, my big head gets in the way. Eventually, it got more in the way, causing me to not have the entire footage making it into the final video.

I posted a poll on my Instagram on which paper/pencil color to use. Black charcoal on gray or Prismacolor sepia drawing pencil on tan? Since I don't have many followers on Mastodon, I won't get anyone telling me a choice here probably lol.

Porn Link Here 

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