The pain of loneliness only increases with the number of people around you who can't or refuse to see the real you.


The more time someone spends tinkering with and distribution hopping, the more likely it becomes that they will eventually end up on or a

A ….

a service/utility/facility which primary value is in what it enables, positive externalities, which diminishes with any attempt to make a profit running the service and often even from any attempt to extract direct payment at point of access and/or use.

imho this should be an feature of mastodon: Set per post an expiration date (with the option to set a default value in settings)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about various creative reactions to the absurdity that we all carry supercomputers in our pocket but have to keep upgrading even to retain functionality because software gets worse and surveillance gets more pervasive

Things like low-power computing (Rpi and friends, microcomputers, retro computing, etc), some of the solarpunk stuff, the “smolnet” (Gopher and Gemini and the like), and so on seem to be interesting ways of highlighting that things could be other than they are

Is there an umbrella term for this? Is someone collecting projects that relate to “computing designed to work well even with low-performance/low-power gear”?

My Mac mini from 2010 died this week, my Mac mini from 2011 has issues (video and audio) and only my Mac Mini from 2012 is still ok (as far as I know) but i really need to get one a lot younger soon.

If you want to help me out maybe send some coin? See for details.

: The way we currently develop FOSS, especially Linux and GNU is a UX/UI dead-end one-way street and long term unsustainable.

: FOSS should not make bug-compatible clones of existing non-FOSS software.

is to abstract it, reduce it to its base semantics & structures and make a tool kit/generator/engine & provide a well documented working example implantation of the software.


Please, stop chasing (desktop) market share and refocus on developing (1) an (near instantly) recognisable identity and (2) a consistent methodology () and please (3) start treating those who show up a lot better than you have been doing?

I miss (currently an error page)

How it worked:

( I also don't understand why we can't keep some of Aaron Swartz' online legacy actually online and working...? )

The question is how to survive until it's technologically possible and generally available to transform existing adult bodies (gender, prehensile tails, claws, etc,), grow/build new bodies from spec, connect brains together into hives, & transfer existing minds to blank brains…

Politics, capitalism, fair wage 

A under is:
+ the cost of survival
+ cost of family life
+ cost of doing the labor
+ surplus/profit margin to acquiring capital

Meaningful participation in a capitalist society requires all of these.

You can not expect people to support a system that purposely excludes them.

People will not continue to support a capitalist society which denies them meaningful access and predictable means to acquire capital for themselves.

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