Any aspiring comedy writers out there want to help me sell most of the furniture in my parent's house?

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I think I will live for at least 3 months without a computer, internet, telephone and all that stuff next year. All that nerd and IT shit pisses me off since some weeks now. I dont really know why but I guess I need a break.

@b3yond @b3yond @b3yond Hey ho, mein Twitter Account wurde gesperrt und bisher bist du bei Jabber nicht online -> Bin jetzt beim C3. Meld dich wenn du Zeit hast.

I hate it when people act like "Im more discriminated than you" or "My problem is more important"
Fuck you. Thats fucking selfish.

I don't have a clue about smartphones. Which operating system would you recommend? On the one hand I hate apple but ios is way more secure than android. Is there still a maintained android distribution without all that google stuff? Or is there a free software os for smartphones that isn't as shitty as trisquel for desktops for example?

Who is going to the Locarno Film Festival?

Please Retoot.

Jemand hat die Olaf Scholz' Rede zum "heldenhaften" Einsatz der Polizei zum Gipfel mit Bildern der Polizeigewalt unterlegt
Warning: Video contains scences of violence

I think its not good that firefox saves the whole session when you shutdown your computer without quitting firefox. Before I left the house I've shut down my laptop without logging in. When I started it now, the session was restored and I was logged in at gnusocial and mastodon. I use self destructing cookies and i don't save passwords. I mean: The hard drive is encrypted but just imagine someone would find a way to decrypt it. I know thats a very unlikely scenario but this risk is avoidable.

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@Artemis_Fo not exactly decentralized, but it is to some extent; check out

Also which is blockchain-hosted content, and where popular input is rewarded w/ crypto.

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