kentucky route zero is the game i want you to play

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gonna put a mojave phone booth in a game

does anyone know of a space station 13 server where people aren't racist

here's a cool blog I just remembered:

it's someone documenting the creation of a procedural world generator

For a long time I had no idea what ACAB stood for and the best I could come up with was "assigned cop at birth"

There's a strange liquid sound coming from the ceiling in this classroom

i need, like, wall-mounted keyboard+mouse+monitor setups throughout my house so i can maximize computer

Milk and shredded cheese are different degrees of the same thing

i tend not to like melodies i make once they're a couple hours old

got a new album name from some code documentation i'm writing

it's easy to combine programs with text interfaces (ex. ls | grep txt) but there's no easy way to combine GUI-based programs

Apparently I look like I live in Boulder, because three people have asked me to sign petitions

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now considering writing my own IF bot...

feature suggestion: ability to watch toot thread and get notifications of replies

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