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i wanna make it clear that it was one pepperoni log of which we have shared custody

also my friend gave me & my other friend a pepperoni log for christmas

for easter, i plan on leaving a pepperoni log outside his door in a wicker basket

thinking about making a let's play of dark souls but only using video from other games

I want that cardboard piano so much

game where you're in the back seat of a car and you're trying to use psychic powers to stop your mom from going to get some groceries

steven universe is so good, dude

i left my umbrella in japanese class and now i'm trapped in the library. please call the fire department.

i have to go to class but also i want to keep eating nutella

why is blender doing this to me

the only keyframes are the first and last frames, so why is it doing this weird arc instead of just rotating around the Z axis

on the other hand, this is my default state of being

boy howdy i'm really salty about bad design rn

oh it'd be cool to, since it's a game about exploration, have some sort of radio system so you can talk to people

making a game where you have a flying motorcycle

i did all the emails and bills i had to do

time to watch anime and drink some hot chocolate

first thing i did this year: read about chess on wikipedia

man it really doesn't feel like christmas this year

protip spin the sticks in smash bros to respawn faster