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this might be more work than just studying

i have a japanese test tomorrow but i don't feel like studying so i'm playing japanese animal crossing as a compromise

for some reason my microphone is picking up really faint Mumford and Sons, even though I can't hear it myself

why did konami make a zombie game when they could have made a game about Solid Snake training dogs in alaska

i probably regretted the pizza earlier because of this. this is my finest detective work yet

i have eaten nothing but spinach and rice for three days and i'm ready to live on a remote mountain as a monk

"i should write my own 3D game engine instead of using Godot, because i can't find out how to make a cylindrical collider in Godot" was probably the most cosmic brain thing i've ever done

have you ever taken a bite of pizza and instantly regretted ever considering pizza

mastodon feature suggestion: 👌 as a button on toots so you can be like "this is a good toot" without adding it to your list of favorite toots

i wanna make it clear that it was one pepperoni log of which we have shared custody

also my friend gave me & my other friend a pepperoni log for christmas

for easter, i plan on leaving a pepperoni log outside his door in a wicker basket

thinking about making a let's play of dark souls but only using video from other games

I want that cardboard piano so much

game where you're in the back seat of a car and you're trying to use psychic powers to stop your mom from going to get some groceries

steven universe is so good, dude

i left my umbrella in japanese class and now i'm trapped in the library. please call the fire department.