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hey, i moved my account to here:

mastodon won't let me do the whole account migration thing though (i don't think pleroma supports it?)

hey, i moved my account to here:

mastodon won't let me do the whole account migration thing though (i don't think pleroma supports it?)

i need to get a bulk spicy hummus supplier

would a laptop-sized e-ink screen be more or less expensive than a regular one? i feel like it would be good for programming

oh i bet i can do some fancy dns magic to make it accessible remotely despite being behind a dynamic ip

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Set up gitlab + nextcloud + mediawiki on an old computer and now i only need internet for like 2 things

of course, browser caches exist, too.

the best example of this that i've seen was Rotonde, which was a p2p social network using Dat. since your profile lived on your own computer, you could change the html & css & js as much as you wanted and it would still work (as long as you preserved networking with other people's rotonde instances)

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with that format, you'd avoid a lot of redundant network traffic from sending the same formatting data multiple times to the same browser, and it'd be easier for users to decide how they want their browser to show them data

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ex. instead of the standard mastodon experience of going to or whatever and loading a bunch of html & css & js to render toots, the server would just send you raw toot data, which a browser plugin would convert into a renderable format (and if you didn't have a plugin for it, your browser could ask the server for a suggested plugin)

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been thinking about how a web browser based more on plugins that interpret data rather than just an html renderer might work

idk where my phone is and either
A) it fell out of the car at the gas station 2 hours ago and is lost to the seas forever
B) it's in the shadow realm until the sun rises again and i'll find it on the floor next to my bed tomorrow morning

Me at 7:30: "It's sunday so I don't have to get out of bed yet"

Me at 8:00: "Oh it's monday and i missed this class that starts at 8"

Me at 9:00: "that class starts at 9"

A leaf fell on my phone and hit the toot button. Nature wants me to make this post

There's a bee that shows up to inspect my food whenever I eat lunch here and I think it wants me to go on a quest for it

tfw you get hit by a cyclist because you were distracted by thinking about trees

kentucky route zero is the game i want you to play

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gonna put a mojave phone booth in a game

does anyone know of a space station 13 server where people aren't racist

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