idk where my phone is and either
A) it fell out of the car at the gas station 2 hours ago and is lost to the seas forever
B) it's in the shadow realm until the sun rises again and i'll find it on the floor next to my bed tomorrow morning

@realmaxkeeble scrolling past I thought this was a screenshot from a mid-2000's game

Me at 7:30: "It's sunday so I don't have to get out of bed yet"

Me at 8:00: "Oh it's monday and i missed this class that starts at 8"

Me at 9:00: "that class starts at 9"

A leaf fell on my phone and hit the toot button. Nature wants me to make this post

@jk it's weird that you don't have coyote hands

There's a bee that shows up to inspect my food whenever I eat lunch here and I think it wants me to go on a quest for it

tfw you get hit by a cyclist because you were distracted by thinking about trees

@lorenschmidt having the cursor fade instead of disappear is a nice touch

kentucky route zero is the game i want you to play

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gonna put a mojave phone booth in a game

@er1n I made one out of PetGraph, which seems to work well so far

does anyone know of a space station 13 server where people aren't racist i've been listening to Wedding Song for years but for some reason i never listened to the rest of the album

here's a cool blog I just remembered:

it's someone documenting the creation of a procedural world generator

@lorenschmidt some space station 13 servers have this (abandoned stations that you can go repair), but I don't think many servers really support this style of play

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