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now considering writing my own IF bot...

feature suggestion: ability to watch toot thread and get notifications of replies

Conclusive evidence that the high five was invented before baseball

drinking masala chai without milk because god has forsaken me

working on hosting a remote git server last night; accidentally uninstalled gnome from my laptop

this might be more work than just studying

i have a japanese test tomorrow but i don't feel like studying so i'm playing japanese animal crossing as a compromise

for some reason my microphone is picking up really faint Mumford and Sons, even though I can't hear it myself

why did konami make a zombie game when they could have made a game about Solid Snake training dogs in alaska

i probably regretted the pizza earlier because of this. this is my finest detective work yet

i have eaten nothing but spinach and rice for three days and i'm ready to live on a remote mountain as a monk

"i should write my own 3D game engine instead of using Godot, because i can't find out how to make a cylindrical collider in Godot" was probably the most cosmic brain thing i've ever done

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