the only thing that kept me here was scheduling posts so i didn't have to think too much about actually USING twitter, just schedule posts and walk away, pop in every once in a while and see what's up. now i don't even want to pop in.

using twitter just feels bad. it's overrun with racist garbage, run by wildly out of touch techies who think silencing nazis is bad, and now the ui literally just elicits annoyance and frustration in me.

usually i'm ambivalent about ui updates, but new twitter is very bad. mushy, undifferentiated ui elements, async loading random stuff seconds after the screen is full, making me click on stuff i didn't even see.

in free market capitalism bigotry thrives because it is profitable

i originally had single pixels as "blood" in the Royale We and i still kind of like the super simple aesthetic of it

it sucks that a few decades from now when we’re all living in a boiling ocean trump jr. will be president

managed to land what i think is law's most damaging wall combo? in ranked

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