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He spent 7 years building his image abroad at the expense of the country.

It has taken less than 7 days for that image burning into ashes in front of his own eyes.

He is more concerned about that & less about the thousands of Indians dying on his watch everyday.

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Wear this on your T shirt folks! Good night, shubhratri! Stay well, stay safe!🙏

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@SunjayJK yeah but history will tell that kid something different.

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How RW bigots are ready to sacrifice even their children for the sake of Modi

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Has any of our Great Celebrities spoken on Oxygen Crisis yet...??❓
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Delhi | We haven't received backup oxygen supply yet. We have 70 patients who are in critical condition and need oxygen. If we don't get oxygen supply there could be a big disaster. We have started discharging patients: COVID in-charge, Saroj Hospital

They should show central sarkar the middle finger and manage crisis in state as they see fit. Door to door vaccination is really the need of the hour. Even if some people refuse or are absent or have contraindications, most people getting will protect them too.

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@Vidyut@twitter.com @josephradhik@twitter.com @OfficeofUT@twitter.com They have been wanting to do that for a long time now. @AUThackeray@twitter.com science.thewire.in/health/mumb

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A brilliant picture and illustration.
This is why people say ‘picture speaks a thousand words’.

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I wanna k!ck butts of every person who voted for fool Modi. 😡

I am angry very angry.😠

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kanimozhi. : Pona
Candidate : Ponaaru

ஏன் இப்படி? அப்புறம் ஆம்பிளை எப்படி ஒழுங்காக address பண்ணுவான்.

@rupagulab WTF is this?! a mid-pandemic destination review?! This is nuts man.

@SunjayJK Meanwhile bhakts will be like, yeah! we have beaten Pakistan can't you see?😂

@SunjayJK so then how do we take on a pig? Just poke them with a long pole from a distance, they don't like it at all (Riri). The more people poke'em with sharper and sharper edges pigs can be beaten very easily.

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Religion as well as Caste.
Disha is a Lingayat. Can’t afford to lose Karnataka on such a small issue. twitter.com/praxpriya/status/1

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No - "Veer" was self-sufficient with his Tongue.
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Tool-Kit used by "Veer" to please Britishers.

Indian politics, religious extremism 

They reached our doorsteps asking for donations for a temple they are going to build at a site where a mosque stood before and they demolished. It's the current regime's pet project, so I don't know why they can't gather funds by themselves.

Anyway, I have a big target on my back because we didn't give them any money and they were angry.

@rupagulab conspiracy against tea is a decoy to divert your attention from the conspiracy against intelligence.😂

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My Sister Nodeep Kaur has been kept in jail since January 12 and Shiv Kumar from January 23. They were tortured. Because nodeep, Shiv kumar and the worker organization have shown the courage to expose the loot of farmers and laborers.

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@spiffyhobbes Could you care to explain which aspect of RG's approach unimpressive to you? My friend was the same and when I asked he said RG tore a piece of legislation in public so he is an idiot🤦 🤦 😭

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