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@hellojed oddly appropriate that i watched several videos on the decline in quality of tf2

folks, please be mindful of fascist infiltration in communist instances. stay on guard.

some are live tweeting themselves reading the Sound Euphonium novels and that shit is even gayer than the anime, it's wonderful

@lain if i ever see a boy as cute as hastur I'll immediately declare myself bi

US far-right is taking a page from far-right youth in Europe and mimicking culture jam/street theatre tactics of the left --- banner drops, event interruptions, guerrilla advertising, etc.

As someone who has been a party to tactics of this kind, their success depends upon getting a strong reaction, from both supporters and critics.

Definitely discuss among friends and in your communities, but I encourage you not to share images and media of these actions.

pudding is just edible slime, pass it on

Things that @Sourmilk's autocorrect has called me:


Hey, some important PSA:

If muting transphobia or homophobia is "living in a bubble", them you have some fucking issues.

If you can't make the difference between "trans women are men and should be killed lol" and "you should try Rust, it may be better than C++ because it's safer", you have some deep fucking issues and the humanist part left in me implore you to fucking fix them.

And what's the whole "bubble" thing anyway? You already live in a bubble, that's why you have followings and a home TL instead of watching and marking as read every toot sent in the world.

The whole point of this network is to make accurate bubbles of people you want to listen to.

You want to listen to transhobes? Then fucking admit it, so I can properly tell you to please get the fuck out of my sight.

the r stands for


question time, does the R in TERF stand for radical or reactionary because honestly I do not think transphobia is all that radical

We as a society need to rename bread to raw toast.

Apparently the previous track was a remix from a Sega Skateboard Game

this is really silly but some songs just give me strength and hope out of nowhere and that is good

taku iwasaki's gatchaman crowd score restored my faith in anything remotely related to dubstep

I'm unna do a crossposting.
none can stop me

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