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Ashoka :white_check_mark: @Ashoka

@oceangrunge Tootennanny Tooters, don your toot suits, your toots boots and scoot zippidy zoot in hot pursuit.


trump is going to abandon healthcare reform if trumpcare doesn't pass the house.

nobody really knows what the current, amended bill really looks like but the CBO reckons it won't cover more but somehow cost more.

he'll probably blame congress for his failings later.

why are there japanese lyrics in an E Nomine songs, goddamn pretentious chuuni weebs

SUE the T-rex is ENBIE NOW

â™»Man what's going wrong with this guy's dating life? I can't put my finger on it. Could be anything

Gotta give the people what they want (birds)


And also it's not an extremely selfreferential otaku show but a legit high school drama.

Like, if you want to appropriate some dumb anime teenagers as your stupid children, OreGaIru is your show cause they are so damn relatable in overthinking and being socially awkward.

OreGaIru is also very good because it's about a bunch of smart stupid kids who think they've got it all figured out and one really smart airhead who actually has it figured out but can't get em to realize it and they try to help others.

I Don't Have Many Friends: let's put in a maid tomgirl, but wuss out by making her actually a girl that for some contrived reasons was educated to be a boy who wants to be a girl but manly.

OreGaIru: these people will lust after Saika no matter what, so let's add a guy to the harem.

That panel btw is from Grappler Baki which looks totally weird with it's anatomy but is for real the most creatively drawn thing I've read in ages.

i like very, very feminine boys.