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immediately got the urge to use this as a dump for twitter gossip but instead i will share some cool animal facts:

moles dig chambers in their tunnel systems where they keep insects, worms, and small fruits for when they're hungry. that's right. moles have a snack room.

"Ye ever wanty just wrap yersel up in tin foil nice and cosy and then just fucking get right inty the microwave and blow yersel up tae fuck"


unite the right 2: shortdick fuckeroo dissolving after 5 minutes cause only 20 maga chuds showed up and participants hiding there faces in USA flags to avoid CNN reporters is fucking hilarious and made my day. thanks to the thousands of counter-protestors who showed up-

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Remember folks, it all starts with you, your town, your county, your state! If we really want to move America forward rather than backward into the days of the KKK, we have to vote for everything. Find people, at the lowest levels of government who are smart and progressive. VOTE

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Conspiracy Theorists:"There is a secret conspiracy to steal children, masquerading as emails discussing pizza, and we need to stop them"
Twitter: We're not the arbiters of truth, who can say???
Unstable Weirdo: Time to shoot up a Papa Johns, thanks for the info, Twitter

Mason Steel is a good hearthstone player, i really enjoy his streams and deck ideas.

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鬼神 Kill Em All 1989
I am trash man
410,757,864,530 DEAD COPS

I have returned, mainly to see if this still exists ^^

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he was a skater boy
she said "you're a skater boy"
he was a skater who was a boy
now he's a skater boy
skating and he's a boy
that skater boy's a boy who skates

Completely different topic, but this post of The Local Sweden explains wonderfully how you can't just look at crime data from a year to year basis and instead should look at decade trend because apparently a kind of crime gets reported more often whenthere is a public discussin about it (like, the variance is a whole 10%)

even when climate change brings temporary changes, like Peru being able to irrigate in the desert because of glacial melt, the effects will be devastating.
But on the other hand, more fossils.
So that's nice.

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reddit frontpage is entirely battle for the net now

Woo, transpeople can join our perpetual war machine

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