"Ye ever wanty just wrap yersel up in tin foil nice and cosy and then just fucking get right inty the microwave and blow yersel up tae fuck"

I revised my opinion on knuckle duster, he is neither hobo punisher or legit deku…
he is stupid batman mastodon.social/media/zufihLFt

fanta summer flavors are the best shit ever, except

Fritz makes the best lemonade, ever heard of Coffe Cola?
It's cool but weird. Melon (green) and Cherry-Apple (red) are my favourite flavours

also the main characters mom looks like an actor for the takarazuka revue.
she is a truly powerful mom mastodon.social/media/o8zR6VCn

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You should really watch the Eccentric Family.
It's got tanuki and all this japanese mystical shit, but most importantly, it's got Benten mastodon.social/media/qul61f8e

power corrupts
cops have power and powerful support structures
so you may know nice cops in private but that's because they are constrained by societal norms out of their uniform
the only good cop is the lady cop that gently restrains you and steps on you and I just lost my train of thought anyway here are cop D.Va and cop Marie Rose mastodon.social/media/aywS0Uc4 mastodon.social/media/UiNKimlB

mastodon.social/media/rwaieFCp I cannot imagine a modern president being this goddamn badass.
Teddy Rooseveldt, maybe


I am being absolutely literal when I say Trump is attacking America and poisoning it. Here's his proposed budget plan and how it relates to lead removal
+20 Million in one program
- several billions in everything else



I remember that there was an anime about a boy who was obsessed with twintails and then he became a superhero that transformed into a cute girl with twintails and the enemies where lizard men with various fetishes mastodon.social/media/VlnizN5H mastodon.social/media/SLKkxx8J mastodon.social/media/-olX1QAc

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