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I have returned, mainly to see if this still exists ^^ 3 groups trapped in the binary, one realizing gender is performative

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he was a skater boy
she said "you're a skater boy"
he was a skater who was a boy
now he's a skater boy
skating and he's a boy
that skater boy's a boy who skates

@adultcatbus counterpoint: the lesson is for everybody who got busted by the winner

Completely different topic, but this post of The Local Sweden explains wonderfully how you can't just look at crime data from a year to year basis and instead should look at decade trend because apparently a kind of crime gets reported more often whenthere is a public discussin about it (like, the variance is a whole 10%)

even when climate change brings temporary changes, like Peru being able to irrigate in the desert because of glacial melt, the effects will be devastating.
But on the other hand, more fossils.
So that's nice.

@plsburydoughboy what are the most popular instances?
i know pawoo has a shit ton of artists, and mastodon has almost 115k

Ashoka boosted nah. but the way i see it the only way to stop the corporate takeover of america is to elect progressives, so basically democrats and everything left of them.

reddit frontpage is entirely battle for the net now

Woo, transpeople can join our perpetual war machine

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Sorta important cause the former favorite, a republican, was revealed to be a predator and a rapist and is counting on tribalism and evangelical support to get elected. His challenger, a prosecutor who went after the KKK, is now leading in the polls.

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If you know anybody in Alabama, USA, please send them this link which leads to a site where they can register to vote in a Senate election by the 27th

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Love that Freeze Peach 

Tell me again how we're supposed to debate Nazis and bigots. I could use a laugh.

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