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Richard König

Look, I made a thing! After I saw the awesome blog post on city street orientations, I generated some charts for European and German cities (and refactored Geoff's IPython notebook into a script on the way). If you want to see a map of your favourite city in this style, tell me about it and I'll see what I can do.

!Disroot Community
@muppeth is in the datacenter racking new server
Thagard will be hosting now some of the services (including hubzilla) to spread the load a bit.

Students, let me repeat an important advice: DO BACKUPS!


Having "Followers" and "likes" etc as a super visible metric is actually one of the big problems Twitter has systemically.

Again it shows how the product management priorities are super out of whack.
We are committed to building trust and encouraging healthy conversation on Twitter.

Follower counts should be meaningful and accurate. We are removing locked accounts from follower counts.

Instead of talking in direct way, keep microblogging, it *helps* a lot. I'm doing it right now. 100% confirmed.

@peacy07, yeap I thing nowadays, the most important #feature of an #opensouce 🐧 project is #privacy , I've been using for a while #antennapod 🎧, #BTW I strongly recommend these #podcast regarding #privacidad👇 👈 Data Privacy Detective 👈 Complete Privacy & Security 👈 Data Security & Privacy

@Ashpex @art I've never had Facebook as main communication tool, so when I left nobody noticed. "The only way to win is not to play". I don't interact often with many of my friends because I don't have WhatsApp, but my partner does, so I have a "human gateway" 😅 Most of my closest friends accepted

Chats that are better than Facebook messenger:

+ Riot
+ Literally everything else.

EU parliament calls for to be pulled until US complies. Don't want to wait until the legal stuff is sorted out, if it will happen at all? Chose today and host your data at a secure, trusted and legally compliant location.

2.0 is now available to everybody on Google Play and Amazon Appstore! Fdroid will hopefully follow soon.

Read the full changelog here:

Me saying to myself: Now is time to do something productive

Me one second later: *scrolling feed and checking every message program to see if it in some way forgot to show me a notification*

Here is a list of Free and Open Source Softwares for Android. Didn't find your apps? No problem, open a pull request now!

Woohoo, our completely rebuilt Android app is out! We couldn't be more excited to share this update with you as the app is much faster, looks nicer, comes with 2FA, a darktheme and many more features! 😁 Oh, and before you ask: Yes, as suggested by you folks it's also available as apk download. We won't force anyone to use Google. 😉

RW: @Ashpex
Here is a list of awesome linux games, free and open source. Drop me a suggestion if you find any other great games.

"I can not understand Humans," the first alien said.
"They are simple," said the other. "Anything they encounter that moves, they try to pet. If it does not move, they taste it."
"What if it kills them?"
"Then another tries."
"How are they not all dead?"
"It works often enough."

Woohoo! In a huge victory, the European Parliament has voted 318-278 against and —the disastrous and copyright proposals. That means we’re close to stopping these terrible proposals—and we’re gaining momentum.

Liebe Leute,
werdet aktiv gegen Uploadfilter und Leistungsschutzrecht auf europäischer Ebene. Der @CCC hat es kompakt aufgeschrieben:

Auf steht, was ihr tun könnt!

i wanted to make a shitpost but something ominous happened