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If you've never witnessed me and I randomly follow you:

I'm trying to be more active and gain a small community here. Currently skimming through different timelines, hunting for possibly interesting accounts to follow! :)

I just downloaded a trial version of Clip Studio Paint and its too much! I'm totally overwhelmed! :D

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Ich finde es faszinierend, dass bei vegetarischen und veganen Alternativen sofort von CHEMIEEE ausgegangen wird, obwohl sehr viel einfach nur Eiwei脽matsch mit Salz oder so ist

Da sind die ganzen Konservierungsstoffe und Antibiotika im Fleisch doch viel chemischer

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no one told you life was gonna be this gaaaay 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦

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Open me I am a present 

In more positive news:
My new town has a monthly meeting for asexual and aromantic peeps! The old one didn't really offer something for more than gay/lesbian/queer teens, so as an ace >25 I'm happy to have such a large group here. They're also extremely nice and open, looking forward to meeting them again. :)

domestic abuse 

domestic abuse 

The cats I'm sitting are annoyed for some reason*, and they spilled food in various stages of digestion at multiple locations. Urgh. :/

*most likely because their favorite human is away for so long and they're stuck with me.


The Magicians S3E8, deafness 

Tried working with watered down acryl color and real aquarell paper yesterday. Its not very good, but I learned a lot!
And I really like the paper, although it was expansive.

fictional rape, wtf, the magicions s3e3 

I found a small, but seemingly cozy LGBTIA+ discord server, and some of these guys are involved in an ace-meeting in my new town.
Really looking forward to visit them soon!

money, clickworking 

My current flatmate took the floorplan and threw all my mini-paper-furniture off and now I need to recall what I put where. :(


The layout of my new flat they gave me only includes the total m虏, so I went ahead and reverse engineered the lengths of each wall to be able to at least roughly plan what I'll put where.

I really need to learn how to keep plants alive, I've seen so many beautiful flats with them here and on instagram and they're amazing, I need that as well!

Now he's disappeared to who knows where and I'm stuck eating all the snacks. :blobugh:

My roommate asked me to tag along to a public firework viewing at his new workplace since he doesn't know anyone yet... And obviously everyone thinks I'm his girlfriend and acts really surprised that I'm also in IT. 馃う

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