@kirschwipfel Joomla keeps data, logic and design (template) relatively strictly separate. If it is important to you that all pages, including the error page, have a consistent design, then you need to implement this.

Or you build on another template a child template. For instance on Joomla standard template Cassiopeia. You only need to change what you want to be different (magazine.joomla.org/all-issues).

But: You don't have to create a template. There are many suppliers: forum.joomla.de/thread/69-temp

Yes, the blog posts are about explaining how a Joomla template works. To keep it simple, I used the HTML5 template so I can leave CSS and JS out of it. So it's not something ready-made, but a kind of boilerplate.

Today I did something exciting. I created vector tiles for a small area of this earth and hosted them myself. I thought this is more complicated:


I once adapted an html5 template for Joomla. I have described the first steps here in the template section:

Hi Hagen, I am sure that I already created an account for myself in Fediverse 2 years ago because of your post blog.novatrend.ch/2020/10/12/p and followed you. I can no longer find the account. It's actually not important, but it won't let me go: can you maybe see it on your account?


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