These are the same people so saturated with cognitive dissonance over a "free country" where "everyone is equal" who then tell PoC to "go back where (they) came from".

The US would gleefully descend into atrocities unnamed against anyone and anything they deem "other"... it just needs a way to do it without losing its status as the World Police, and a buttload if imports.

That's all that's stopping us, I'm certain of it.

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The US didn't care entire pogroms and genocides were being efficiently carried out, that countries were flattened and overpowered, that entire systems of secret police and executioners kept civilians in constant fear. The US cared that these things were happening and they couldn't find a way to justify doing the same.

How else do you explain the Bizarro World hypocrisy of people who simultaneously love 'MURICA and yet carry the Virginian Battle Flag?

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... it has come to my horrified realization that the United States doesn't honor the victories of World War II because it hated what the Axis powers were doing, but because they were livid the Axis powers were doing it and the United States wasn't invited.

As someone pointed out earlier, those who “relied” on Facebook “to keep in touch with family” all have, at minimum, a functioning email address. So they’re not at risk, they just aren’t getting the dopamine hit.

Welp. It finally happened. We knew it'd hit us eventually.

Two of my coworkers are out - one is positive for COVID-19 and the other is pending a test. One of the idiots isn't vaccinated.

I've been out of the office for several days. I got an ask to cut my vacation short and work tomorrow. I politely passed.

In other news, I blocked my conspiracy theorist father. I love him, but my fucking god has he lost his goddamn marbles. And somehow I'M the bad guy for doing it.


... we really are just a nation of arrogant, belligerent bullies, aren't we.

My heart still burns with helplessness when I recall the people standing at the broken windows, unable to escape, smoke pouring around them.

There is rage, and fire, and anger toward the people who did that to them.

No less than for those who trapped sailors in the sunken hull of their ship, tapping SOS... SOS... when there was no way to save them.

They stopped tapping on my birthday.

... never forget, indeed.

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If you AREN'T one of the aforementioned syphilitic donkey dicks, then hey, do your thing today. Whatever that means for you. Especially (ESPECIALLY) if you *were* directly affected. Lemme know if I can help.

Everybody else? Go help fund the firefighters and other first responders as they fight to be actually, yknow, taken care of as their health has suffered. You know. Like all the fucking politicians claim they'd love to do. (Funny how they always talk about honoring people, yet ignore them.)

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I'm not kidding. Those patriodicks practically deify the words "let's roll" and you know it. They'd jack themselves off to the recording if they could. Nothing gets their little pampers fit to bust like dying in the name of FrEeDuM, and they use that shit like a hammer against anybody suspiciously brown. Those folk are going to a special kind of hell, with British cooks, and tax accountants for conversationalists.

So... yeah.

Fuck, man. 20 years. I'm getting old.

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Then you've got these Kyles and Stefanies who are like "OMG I CAN'T WORK TODAY 9/11 😫😫😫".

Shut up. You're just as much of an opportunistic piece of shit as any politician for using other people's deaths as a means to up your own goals socially. A special Fuck You, from the bottom of my heart, you spineless, sniveling carrion snatchers.

The flag fuckers are already well known to not actually give a fuck about the lives lost. They just fap at night with the fantasy of going out in glory.

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I hold December 7th personally, sure. You wanna know why? Because my family was *there*. My direct ancestors were THERE. My great uncle couldn't report to station because his station was under *water*. If you go to the Arizona Memorial Museum? You'll see a radio on display from a Japanese Zero. My great uncle did that. Pulled the radio from the plane when it crashed into the hospital. I take that a little personally, sure. But only insofar as it's a reminder of the horror of war.

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I don't understand the mass-PTSD people affect around this event. Were you there? Were you in New York, or Pennsylvania? Was a friend or loved one lost, damaged, killed? No? The fuck are you acting like it's so fucking personal for?

I'm not saying we shouldn't feel empathy. That's not what I'm saying at all. But I'm directly calling out every last little bitch who plays that shit up for clicks, likes, and sympathy points. We all saw it happen, Karissa. You're not special. Get a grip.

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I remember 9/11, sure.

But its meaning has been utterly lost and twisted to fit so many godforsaken narratives, used for scoring clout points and dressing politics up in I'm More Patriotic Than You with no actual fucks given for the facts of what happened, cheaply slapped on corporations to curry favor with false empathy oozing out of their oily little grasping hands...

I remember what happened, all right. And I won't fucking forget every last motherfucker who weilds that shit like a weapon.

It only just now occurred to me after 30-some-odd years how progressive AC/DC was.

I mean. Proudly exclaiming as a compliment "she's got big balls"? Ahead of their time, y'all.

a new week

I hope that y'all do well this week
that the world is kind and provides joy

gotta try

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