Found Sierra seizing in her crate this morning. The local animal hospital with that claims to have emergency services turned us away (dog actively seizing in the back of the car) so we ended up at our regular vet shortly after 8. He gave her a shot of Valium that calmed things down but didn't end the trembling. We had to put her down around 8:30.

@dap6000 Valium wasn't enough?! Good gravy, that had to have been a terrible seizure! Poor thing... I'm sorry you went through all that, seizures are frightening enough even when well-managed.

She calmed down significantly after the first shot. But continued with ragged breathing and twitching. It'd been so long maybe her muscles couldn't help but continue to twitch. It's exactly the sort of thing that I would have put her down earlier in order to avoid had I known it was coming. But she'd only had a couple of ~5 minute seizures about 6 weeks ago prior to this. Obvious neurological & cognitive decline since then. The clock has been ticking. But she still seemed happy.


@dap6000 It's a hard call to make. I'm glad you gave her such a good life, I'm sure she was happy to be with you right to the end.

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