OK so hi I’m an astrophysicist and a sometimes science writer who spends way too much time on the ~~~other site~~~ so is checking this one out. I enjoy clever word things and science and dogs.

@AstroKatie welcome, SO happy to see you here, I’ve enjoyed your posts over yonder for a while, cosmology is fascinating 🌌😃

@AstroKatie Welcome! Wonderful to see you here! I hope you enjoy Mastodon. I’ve found it to be incredibly refreshing and positive, for the most part; it’s very easy to curate one’s experience, and nothing is foisted upon your user experience that you don’t wish for.

Hi. I am glad to have a place where I can engage with you. You're an awesome scientist.

That said, here's my dog Tasha. In these pics, we were camping out for last year's solar eclipse. She's a retired seeing eye dog.

@AstroKatie yay i follow you there but i’d much rather be here! it’s nice here. welcome.


One of us! One of us! One of us! 🤣

Welcome to our humble abode! Glad to have you here!

@AstroKatie Hey, I recognise your avatar! Was it drawn by Jorge Cham?

Anyway, I wanted to say that you might like the instance more! Or perhaps

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