@nextcloud I remember you guys posting something about someone using Zotero with NextCloud to store all their attachments. However, when I try I keep getting an error that I don't have a proper webdav link for my Nextcloud, could you maybe help me find who it was and how he did it?

Crap... The amount of data Spotify collects is insane... looks like I need an alternative as I just absolutely can't live without music. Anyone know a good alternative with at least less data collection? Apple music? But not sure I can get that running on Linux?

@nextcloud I just tried Passman for the first time, except for the Android app this seems like a really good password manager! If I understand correctly it is even encrypted when I log into my NextCloud instance? I also need to log into my vault in my instance for it to be readable for me! Which means it is double protected. 1. NextCloud password + 2fa and then vault key. That looks pretty good to me! Maybe I will move away from my current one!

I'm currently struggling between picking Runbox or @Tutanota as my main email provider. I need at minimum 30 aliases, and that makes Tutanota a bit more expensive than Runbox per year. I also like having a desktop client since I prefer not having my browser open all the time, however at the same time it feels like Tutanota is more secure... Hmm... Does anyone here have any experience with either?

@Tutanota Is it possible to tie 2 domains to 1 Tutanota account? So I can create aliases with two different endings.


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