Okay, my first ever blog-post is done! I hope you enjoy it! It is about my change over to trusted open-source apps, from closed-source apps!

If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment or ask me here!

I decided to post it on

There are some CSS issues with the headlines, but otherwise I must admit I like it! Hopefully it is fixed soon!

@Tutanota @noorul @nextcloud @gael

@AtBios Great writeup! I embarked on a similar project last year and am now, like you, equipped with much more privacy-respecting services and apps. It wasn't until I tried to de-Google that I realized how dependent I was on them and how much information they had on me.

@AtBios @noorul @nextcloud @gael Amazing how much work you've put into this - not just the post also the transitioning, congrats! 👏 😀

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