Me, a genius : I can replace ricotta cheese (gross) in baked ziti with butter, sour cream, parmigiana cheese, and mozzarella. HAHA I BEAT THE SYSTEM.

Who’s ready for all of the posts I’m gonna make about the Sims 4 versions of everyone in my household???

My parents’ house caught on fire but it’s ok everyone is ok lol

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I tried a new brand of tampons and was doing research to see if anyone else thought they were larger than usual and

What if I eat an egg sandwich two days in a row

It’s a testament to my love for @nicethingsforawfulpeople that I’m watching Hotel Transylvania 3 for the SECOND time.

I had nightmares about drawing someone in a ball gown lol

So my eleven hour work days are the worst. Who woulda guessed?

@Atenderwitch do y’all want me to have a meltdown too? Like????

How come the days that Lucy throws a fit in the morning are also the days when construction workers are loud beneath the apartment SPECIFICALLY during nap time???

Nanny culture is hiding your McDonald’s fries haphazardly in your bag to eat cold later so you don’t have to share them.

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I did a commission for someone, had it express shipped to them, returned to my address bc of a name discrepancy, resent it, and THEN when they finally got it room service at their hotel threw it away. WTH

Lucy and I have been watching tv for four hours and I’m not sorry .

My grandma is in the hospital. Could 2019 chill for like ... five minutes?

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