Racist scumbag 

Is it me or (without any background info) does this guy just look like someone who belongs to some racist frat-boy fan club?

Background info: Yes, he was so extreme in his Far-Right views he actually got kicked-out of his campus conservative club for promoting a MRA video.

He is also the guy who lead the push to End Birthright Citizenship, Keean 'Matthew' Bexte, for the Conservative Party of Canada. pressprogress.ca/conservative-

Solidarity to comrades fighting to Abolish Prisons!

There are so many reasons to be opposed to the Prison-Industrial complex. But now as Climate-Disaster gets to a new level of fucked-up, Capitalists just keep continuing to exploit prison labour in all the worst ways.

Including turning child-inmates into Fire Fighters 🔥
...And then brag about it. 😫

"Who are the NCA and what can I do about it?"

Folks were receptive to handouts and the the idea that a bunch of racists gathering at their Farmer's market is fucked up. The NCA rescheduled their event 3 times last night, and are coming tomorrow afternoon. We sure as shit will show up then too

Neo-Liberal News outlets both came out with shitty sound-bites about it:

CTV: atlantic.ctvnews.ca/mobile/vid

Global News: globalnews.ca/news/4395509/nca

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declares today over the National Citizens Alliance

They failed to show up, while our community got togeather to say "Migrants Welcome! No NCA!"

WhiteSupremacists are not welcome in Kjipuktuk/Halifax, NovaScotia, Canada.

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We need more 🏴🚩Ⓐ:

, , , , , , Diversity-of-Tactics, Intersectionality, Abolition of Prisions &

Join the movement fighting for an oppression-free world for all

Build Your Communities, Build Capacity, Fight in Solidarity & WIN

This Account is , , , , , , , and .

🚫NoNazis NoTERFs NoTankies NoAbleists NoSupremacists NoBigots🚫 & ACAB

The National Citizens Alliance (@NatCitAlliance) have rescheduled their "Canadians First Rally" to the following weekend

I guess I have to spend my next weekend telling these to Fu*k off instead.

The NCA is NOT welcome in

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The National Citizens Alliance, a racist, anti-immigration, hate-based group and their creepy leader @sjgarvey are having a rally on August 18th in .

does not welcome bigots. Show up.
Say NO to the NCA!

DM me for details.

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