Every now and then an order reminds me that I have practical and pretty models for sale on Shapeways.. if you've ever wanted a desk model of DNA, or a Phage, or a model Centrifuge Rotor powered by a Dremel, I guess I'm your guy:
I still have my trusty Dremelfuges I used (recklessly) for #diybio #biohacking for years.. I even still have some of the stupid prototypes. :)


@cathal I'm wondering when there'll be a version Shapeways for people who upload bioprintable designs such as body parts - at least scaffolding for body parts. Right now, I seem to be printing more banal things, for example, a rack mount bracket for audio equipment, because the manufacturer doesn't seem to be talking to their users. Maybe I can corner the market on boring bits for biohackers.

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