Just posting here to remind folks that I have moved to @Austin_Dern@blimps.xyz as my main account. Thanks for watching.

Just a beacon post again: I've moved over to the pooltoys and work mostly from @Austin_Dern@blimps.xyz these days.

I'm just posting a note that I have moved over to @Austin_Dern@blimps.xyz and would be happy and more likely to interact with you over there.

And another beacon reminder: I've moved my main activity over to @Austin_Dern@blimps.xyz ... you'll much more likely see me over there, and I'll be glad to see you there.

Just a reminder heads-up, since I keep forgetting to give heads up. I've moved instances over to blimps.xyz. Please see me over at @Austin_Dern@blimps.xyz for me saying and doing things most of the time. Including, on Mondays, looks through the gallery of images of me!

I owe people a heads-up about this. I've moved instances over to @Austin_Dern@blimps.xyz for pretty much all my action. Thanks to anyone for following me.

We who were kids in the 70s have absolutely no idea whether we like Kiss sincerely, ironically, solely because it seemed to be expected by the older kids in elementary school, or not at all.

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Disappointed that a Kiss game doesn't seem to have been given away during this Rock-and-Roll episode (with Kiss stepping in to present some prizes) of The Price Is Right.

Sitting out in my nice fleece kigurumi so I can look like a red panda, which is so very different from looking like a coati.

Oh dear; friend on my human'sona birdsite account is boosting *everything* about the Tesla earnings report please send dunks on Stretch Muskrat.

There's no excuse for anybody in the Midwest to be doing anything but watching The Price Is Right and enjoying the school closings crawl.

OK! I am trying out my first second instance. Hanging out with the squeaky toys, so, if you don't recognize @Austin_Dern@blimps.xyz you probably weren't that interested in me anyway.

not subtooting you 

That thing where all four conversations you have going turn into energy vampires at the same time.

Alternate solution: say, "Hey, @Eon, could you please hand me that glass?"


Twenty minutes of amusing, clumsy action where puffy paws try to get hold of a glass and instead bap it all over creation then follow, and finally toy answers, "No, I can't."

The cautious moments where you're feeling out whether someone would be supportive of your thing for udders.


The cautious moments where you're feeling out whether someone would be into a modular body-part swap scene.


Not saying there aren't so many good things in The Wizard of Oz but, boy, the scene in the Emerald City where they're repacking the Scarecrow with new straw and buffing the Tin Man to be like new, you know?

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Headsup to folks who live somewhere Fathom Events does movies: they're showing The Wizard Of Oz this week. My love and I are figuring to head out to the screening that's in two hours.

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