Have to sleep now. Please have only like 260 of the people I've known in furry forever join while I'm offline.

Just noticed the bottle of pet shampoo also identified itself as 'shampooing pour animaux domestiques' and I've been around long enough to recognize a tf-possible-tg-into-French-Maid prompter.

So no I didn't touch it, thanks. Why would I ever go anthro?

Part 2: Rabbit. Out the right window of the car.

Part 1: Rabbit Bay, and in it Rabbit Island. Out the left window of the car.

Hey everyone I'm Show more

Just embarked on a quick expedition to the Wiktionary debate over whether 'junk drawer' should have an entry.


sniff sniff sniff
sniff sniff SNIFF
SNIFF sniff

PSA for everyone: Please be aware of coatis and galagos. Coatis are raccoon-like animals from South America and galagos are nocturnal primates from Africa. Thank you.

Followup: the puffcorn hasn't worked as expected yet.

Found a ham radio event going on atop a mountain drive today. It was my love's first chance to see a slightly different kind of rumpled older white guys with beards than we usually see at pinball events.

Also that there's Last Jedi-haters who demand an explanation for how an alien planet could have vast plains covered with the exotic Earth spice of ... salt.

Today I learn there's people not just angry about the 'salt' moment in The Last Jedi, but are willing to argue with actual geologists on birbsite about whether licking a rock is something that a person might ever actually do.

(Sees a bag of Puff Corn on the convenience store shelf.)

(Gives a sidelong glance at blimps.xyz's *latest* trick.)

(Thinks some more about this.)

That thing where an extremely annoying problem I'd been able to postpone for years comes up at work right in the middle of my vacation.

So this afternoon when we set out I looked up through the car's moon roof and would swear the Sun looked purple. So I'm guessing the bit where the west coast is on fire has finally got the soot out this way.

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