Watched two Madagascar Christmas specials and I feel like they sat on my head and made me beg for mercy.

Am I just being an Old and cranky about cartoons I didn't grow up watching or were they loud and frantic and not that good?

So I did okay at the Beatles launch party contest.

Your friend who's finally figured out how to square his interest in inanimate tf with all his friends' interest in feeder scenes!

That server you remotely reboot at 2:30 am and that doesn't come back up.

No, no, I didn't need to do anything today besides think about peeling off your skin to reveal the robot underneath, that's all right.

Running across a picture on FurAffinity, realizing you know exactly which of your friends would like to see it, and then realizing that's who drew it.

Meanwhile, the part of every Jack Chalker novel where we pretend there's a plot instead of just sexy tf/tg funtimes.

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Whoever wrote the Rankin/Bass _'Twas The Night Before Christmas_ could not have written a more baffling script if he tried. Like every other line of dialogue makes things weirder.

Trundle presents a miniature of his clock. It's a model so has children singing. The full-size one has an adult choir.

The mouse's father appeals for belief in Santa, pointing out if you don't believe in that then what about fairies and leprechauns? Because the only thing kids love more than Santa is leprechauns?

All right but whatever happened to the Snow Parson they called into existence to marry Frosty The Snowman and his wife Crystal?

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The first section of this book seeks to debunk the International Date Line ... the second section aims to overturn the conventional wisdom that the International Meridian Conference of 1884 was a success ...

[ Quivering with joy that he knows what to get @zebratron2084 for Frithmas! ]

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