A sun and moon powder horn. There’s also going to be a matching pair of duel pistols.

I’m currently working on some prop design. It’s surprisingly calming :D

Some Wip sketches of character design lineup I'm working on.

Life's been getting in the way of drawing once more, so have this piece from earlier this year ^^

First part of a series of mockups I'm working on <3
It's a Slavic-inspired paranormal detective game.

After weeks of art block I feel like I can finally draw again 😭

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It's part of the story I'm kinda working on right now, but most things changed along the way anyway. I still like it :D

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I'm still not exactly clear what/if to post in between art stuff :P I'm not very good at words X.x

After few weeks of easy drawing it's time for sort of an art block X.x Have some faces.

Hey! Finally decided to try this place... I'm Ave, I'm a game artist by day and comic artist after work :D Not very talkative online, but I don't bite :D


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