Apparently you need to use the long tag @Sharr0w to directly address people :D I still can’t find - tomorrow is another day…

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@suzisteffen I Everyone Knows Your Mother Is A Witch by Rivka Galchen, based on the true story of Kepler’s mother being accused of witchcraft - and it is brilliant! I am also new to Mastodon & neither quick nor clever at finding my way about :D

- if I selected an instance before I knew what an instance was, how can I go back and consider other options? Or is it all quite permeable?

@Sharr0w Checking if this tags you? Will take me a while to get fluent, I think :birdsite:

I post when I donate blood, because the Irish Blood Transfusion Board asks me to, to encourage others. Happy to chat to anyone thinking of donating and wanting to know more.


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