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Anybody running LineageOS and has had problems with making calls and / or adjusting phone settings?

I have a friend who's having issues and seeing the following error:
"Call settings error Network or SIM card error"

Any insights here? TIA

I'd love to get off android and onto a proper *nix phone as well, so very curious about a resolution here hopefully :O

dropped my phone in front of the phone repair store and the ppl working got super excited

No amount of bootlicking will get you out from under the boot. No amount of cozying up to fascists will keep you safe from them. Currying favor with people who don't see you as human is useless.

I just want to be warm and not think about anything important, is that too much to ask?

all I wanna do is
destroy the concept of money

Fix something small that gets in your way. Sew on a button, clean a grimy keyboard.

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Wanna bury my seeds deep in the earth and make little plant babies. I wanna sure some fuckin flowers with the ground. I want to talk softly to my kids as they grow up, and water and shelter them while their mother gives them the nurturing they need to be strong. I want to get dirty, I want to be sore after. I want to be a part if something great, something deeply satisfying. When I'm done with her, the earth will look totally different. I have a deep, primal urge to plant. When I get my hands in her, she'll really give me what I need (which is dirt).

Sometimes I feel bad about my relatively inept grasp of tech and economics, but then I remember a guy made a crypto currency that was blatantly a ponzi scheme, literally called it "ponzicoin" or some shit, and people actually bought into it so fast he had to pull the plug in a huge rush to avoid breaking federal law

I feel like a lot of the worlds problems would be eliminated if the stock market was outlawed

ancaps are such trash lmao foh outta here with that garbage

food service workers are at least ten thousand times braver than the troops

i like my coffee like i like my women: on my face (i'm doing the lush coffee face mask)

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