He shifted timelines until he found one in which he hadn't made his mistake. But he knew he'd done it, even if it hadn't happened.
So he shifted on, until he found one in which he had done it, confessed, and asked for forgiveness.
He hadn't been forgiven, but he felt better.

"You are the Chosen One, whose task it is-"
"Does it pay?"
"-to... What?"
"This task, is it paid? Or is it for experience, exposure?"
"It is to save the world!"
"Cool, cool, so not paid. Are you paid?"
"We Solemn Guardians of-"
"Because if you are, I should be too."
"... fine."

Non-exhaustive list of incredibly important historical events that nobody talks about near enough:

- The Seven Years' War
- The Weimar Republic
- The Spanish-American War and its aftermath
- The Haitian revolt
- Like, anything at all about anticolonial independence movements that isn't just demonizing Ho Chi Minh
- Spain during Franco and its legacy
- Literally all of South Africa

ok, so if google bans adblockers on chrome and firefox video decoding sucks on some of my hardware what are my options? not using a browser at all?

getting fisted by the invisible hand of the free market


NASAs Juno spacecraft captured this view of an area within a Jovian jet stream showing a vortex that has an intensely dark center.


I Seriously Need Money :boost_ok: 

@Deiru @Ophillous @citrustwee this convention causes considerable uneven distribution of stress on the escalators and also significantly decreases the volume of people that can be moved because walkers take up far more space

Commercial, proprietary software is like sugar: Convenient, addictive and bad.

"Tell a story!"
"There once was, on distant Earth-"
"No, a real story!"
"Hush. Earth was real, and full of children asking for stories, just like you."
"Really. They looked different, back then, but they, too, loved stories."
"So they were people?"
"They were people."

When I learned to
pause time I saw
no use for it. Nothing
could move, so
I couldn't do
anything in the
pause. But then
I learned to see a
whole page, and read
it in my mind. Now
I can read all the

Can't believe they called it Isle of Dogs and not Barkipelago.

Why are Purism getting so much media coverage (compared to the wider fediverse especially) and with literally no mention that I've seen about their explicit willingness to host hate speech? What can we do to address this?

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