This extremely round red boi was hanging out outside my kitchen window today


I got my Tamagotchi back from the police (very long story) but its battery is flat. Not even the Tamagotchis are safe grr

hold on folks we've got iridescent slime mold!!! lamproderma echinulatum!

Capitalism keeps the population under constant stress. When people are constantly worried about losing their job, paying their debts, and putting food on the table they turn into worst versions of themselves. Stress leads to egoism and prevents people from supporting one another.

Trying to figure out Mastodon so here's some OC sweetness for starters. Vitka (she/her) and Esra (they/them) from the project #oia

#queer #oc

I have ADHD, or as itโ€™s known in the Unix world, โ€œfocus follows mouseโ€

only the english could think of something as fucked up as calling the 2000s "the noughties"

Just caught my daughter spanking a cardboard cutout of Dwayne Johnson.

She's officially hit Rock Bottom

"Frozen 2" is such a lazy film title.

Personally, I would have gone with "Re-frigeration"

the difference between free beer and free software is that you're not usually required to gather the ingredients and brew the beer yourself

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