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Jalapeño Strawberry soda??!
Sounds highly questionable.
Smells weird.


And they all have universal health care. Pretty sure the US is not the greatest, freeest country now

The Fajita 🌯

for lunchtime hour
you just can't beat a
juicy, seasoned
wrapped fajita

sliced bell peppers
it's tasty fun, hon
strips of meat
and grilled onion

a dollop of
some sour cream
and a little
shredded cheese
I'll share with you, but I ask
save me one for dinner

Me: "Hi, here for my dental checkup!"

My collaborator, Mei-Rin. Tough to work with becaae she's Chinese and thinks my western 12-tone harmonic system is shallow, restrictive, and possibly racist.

Black Mirror S1E2 "Fifteen Million Merits" was the second worst episode of the entire series IMO.. until I suddenly realised it could be happening in a post-pandemic world in which corporations have taken full control of all socioeconomic systems.

Anyway the new "America's Got Talent" was great tonight

Oh wait duh I get it now!!... This is more like Twatter than FalseBook. I got banned from Twatter years ago and forgot what it looked like

Hills seem bad.
People complain about the struggle of going up hill.
It is also considered bad when things "go down hill"
And hills are places on which people choose to die.

Avoid hills, just go around.


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