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I just cleaned that floor you damn fool! Now let me tell you somethin' ...

>walks into room
>funges your token
>refuses to elaborate


House Dems who lost reelection in 2020:

- Donna Shalala, an opponent of Medicare for All and defunding the police.
- Joe Cunningham, an opponent of Medicare for All and defunding the police.
- Xochitl Torres Small, an opponent of Medicare for All and defunding the police.



He was overly concerned with the size of his rallies.

He promised lots of drastic changes with no explanation of how to accomplish or pay for them.

He attacked the press for holding him accountable.

He packed the courts with loyalists to hedge against democracy.

He attacked all opposition as radical leftists and socialists.

He claimed a mandate of absolute power after being elected by a minority of voters.

He scapegoated foreigners, whom he called thugs and criminals.



Unable to accept the consequences of his actions, he and his wife killed themselves in a bunker in Berlin as the antifascist forces closed in.

Ever since my baby disappeared
The blue plate special tastes a little bit weird

Holy crap Amazon is now using the old Sears and Roebuck playbook

The only thing more perpetual than laundry is cat food dishes.

Was Mojo Jojo an earlier experiment by the Professor? If so, does that make him the Powerpuffs' older brother?

It's nice to get out and check out all the titties in the crowd 🤘

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Playing the first of some regular gigs tonight. Traffic is up and the place is packed! Could we be returning to normalcy?

"we can talk about how capitalism is bad later, when there's not a republican candidate who's objectively worse than the democratic candidate running" i say for the 9th presidential election in a row, to my coworker on jeff bezo's Mars slave colony

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