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Has anyone invited that kid that was posting Musk's private jet flights?
Get him/her over here!!

(I don't Twat, so I dont know who it is)

I had no idea at the time that he would be gone two months later 😭

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I'm seeing a lot of new followers today! For whoever this may interest, there is a torrent of the library you can download and seed! Check it out: bookshelf.theanarchistlibrary.

Did you know there are centralized alternatives to the #Fediverse?

They are great!
Instead of being developed by volunteers for the community they are developed for millionaires with the sole purpose of getting them more money and influence over the "users".

They contain ads and algorithms, so you don't have to decide, what you want to see, but you get to see what makes you addicted, so you view more ads, buy more stuff and thereby support the capitalist system that we all love.

Instead of anonymity you get to enter your phone number and other form of identification, which totally helps against hate speech, right?

I could go on with advantages, but I think it's best you check them out for yourselves.

So if Musk starts blabbing about "free speech", be sure to post daily about what a fucking fraud he is.

This makes me realize there aren't really any brands here. Is that good or bad? I like to think good... But maybe bad? There are some excellent social media people out there making jokes and I'm not seeing them.

Trying out Mastodon for a bit and see who's around. Hello!

Obligatory inane nonsense:
Just got back from a ride in the MRI machine. Heart blockage?...we'll see.
Jollibee chicken is actually good, and it's served with a cup of gravy. Filipinos: 1
Southerners: 0
Not sure how related these two points are.

Shir-Khan here was so terrified and paranoid about being domesticated that we gave up on him and set him free. Sebastian found him in the hedges and pestered him to be his buddy, and now he sleeps like this in the room he was so desperate to escape two months ago.

Mei-Rin finds your western 12-tone scale to be limited, archaic, and- quite frankly- racist.

Le Puud was the goodest of bois, and he passed from cancer last January, and I almost start bawling every time I see his pictures

I enjoy the moments that Sebastian Michaelis is asleep because he's a goddamn wrecking ball when he's awake

the boys are back in town, but not only has the town been irreversibly changed, so too have the boys. the boys can never truly return to town.

person of the year guy who steered a barge in a dick and balls pattern and then halted international shipping

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