Just finished the long awaited and feels like you're my alter-ego @Memeghnad xD

All those finer details and daily technicalities, I just gulped it in a day without any adjournment... need more of such content

P.S. - Poha is highly revered in Indore than any other Great State.

to be sent to Joint select committee of Parliament : Ravi Shankar Prasad

why not Standing Committee headed by Shashi Tharoor.. a clear revenge for the month old same meeting where BJP faced the setback

undermining the pivotal Data Protection which will be of paramount importance in years to come, please frame this without any political bias...

"At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to Citizenship and Religion."
While the world combats climate change and developmental issues, we step back from new to the old age.... * sigh *

Everytime Pragya induces a controversy, I start cursing people of Bhopal for such idiotic decision. Then I realise, I live in the same state too and I also did nothing to preach about Electoral Bonds.

Just realised : after all this drama, my newspaper headline is still going gaga over Uddhav Thackrey as CM..
whats the point of Print media in such a situation.. even looking it seems blasphemous and anachronistic.

3. Lastly a mjor role of Guv in the dark. Out of the blue of President's rule...
guv invited, and made sure to fulfil his instructions BTS.

Koshiyari ki Hoshiyaari..!!

Spoiler Alert - In run up to the floor test, horse trading is officialy ON....

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But the experience suggests BJP wouldn't just form a govt on hollow promise. Seems NCP-BJP is done.
Implications are intriguing for NDA coalition.... Imagine Pawar back as Agriculture minister.. how will Prafful patel, Supriya Sule will digest, what about their ideally contrast cadre..

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1. Still not sure if the black sheep is only Ajit Pawar, or Sharad Pawar has covertly used his nephew to play the bad guy and ultimately he'll come following with whole NCP (ideal reason : just to provide a stable govt for betterment of Maha people)

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When you woke up and got to know that tables have been turned.. Holy shitt

Both house discussing the pollution issue, but special mention to Bhagwant Maan and the always adorable Rajiv Pratap Rudy.

While former spoke made real points rather than politicizing..

the latter is so ingenuous to listen. He can speak for day and every line will strike the chord..

Surely the level of debate is getting better..

Home Minister all set to give a descriptive statement on locked J&K political leaders, dares opposition to ask questions after it.. but out of blue Vice-President adjourns the house(intimidated by SIGHs of few MPs) and orders to LAY it on the table.

I mean whatt, let the floor function, cant the HM speak for self, where's the accountability..!!

Hello @DerekOBrien sir,
I am an ardent observer of parlianentary proccedings and have always admired your vocality on urgent issues in RS. I can definitely be an asset and would like to know if you've any space or openings for legislative assistant role. Even some supplementary work or analysing draft bills, it would be a watershed moment for me. Thanks.. you can DM me as well..!!

just two adjectives to attribute :
Historic & Unprecedented in every manner.

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For generations to come, this UNANIMOUS verdict is a scintillating example showcasing the balance of India's culture and diversity. The bench deserve all the praise for framing such a subtle and sensible verdict. Together only we move forward...

Genuine question : "Is there any further scope of appeal or reexamining once the SC verdict is out??"
whatever be the judgement, its unchangeable right..

and the list goes on.. Paswan, Mehbooba Mufti, even taking a dig on Nawaz Sharif-Modi visit in Pak. Some serious claim by ShivSaina... with or withOUT the bjp.

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It's getting out of hand.. Uddhav Thackrey listing out BJP flaws. Demonetisation, Acchey Din, quoting dushyant chautala. Is the allaince on ?? Full on attack!!

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