@datenschutzratgeber @BLUW It's referring to the integration server, which in older versions of Riot (and so in this legacy Riot Android as well), used to only point to one specific integration server hosted by Modular. In desktop Riot it is configurable, but on Android all development effort is currently done towards the new RiotX instead.

The integration server is used when you use the Apps menu in the app to add bridges, bots, and widgets to the chat.

@vurpo Even when it is possible to change it, it's still promoting the proprietary service from modular.im...

For riot to not have this anti-feature all default or suggested settings must be as such that no proprietary service is used.

@larma As far as I know, the integration server is now chosen by your Matrix server instead of having a default.

@vurpo But I guess the default server remains matrix.org (and last time I checked the option to use a different server was even hidden under some "advanced options" thing) and that one is pointing to modular.im proprietary integration service for sure, so even then, the default integration server remains proprietary.

@larma The concept of a "default server" is less prominent on the login screen now, as now (since the .well-known file was implemented) clients automatically detect your server on the login screen when you type just the Matrix ID.

(Although it seems RiotX is still struggling with this, since it instead requires entering the server before the login details, instead of doing the simpler "user ID and password, detect server, ask for the server URL if not detected, login" flow)

@vurpo But that only applies to login, not to register, right? I don't think that's enough for not being considered a promotion of non-free network services...

RiotX is even worse, as it provides you with the three options "Matrix.org", "modular.im" or "Other". It sounds like there is the free service for personal use "matrix.org" and the paid service for commercial use "modular.im" (both using non-free network services) and everything else is some unsupported thing not suggested to be used.

Trotz Neustarts bleibt es bei 0.9.10. Paradoxerweise meint #FDroid aber nach wie vor, dass #Riot vor 4 Tagen zuletzt aktualisiert wurde. Kann es sein, dass 0.9.10 eingestellt und dann wieder entfernt wurde?

Vorhin meintest du doch, du bist auf Version 0.9.9 !?
Version 0.9.10 ist ja die aktuellste vom 26.3.
Siehe mein ursprünglicher Screenshot.

Oh, sorry. Tippfehler... Ja, bin noch auf 0.9.9. Kein Update über FDroid verfügbar.

Ich hab alle Paketquellen ausgewählt. Vielleicht liegt es daran?

Vielleicht war es bei Dir das vector.alpha-repo? Wobei er ja auch bei mir mit dem Standard-Repo behauptet, dass es vor 4 Tagen aktualisiert wurde. Irgendeine Aktivität hat es bei Riot also wohl gegeben. Vielleicht wurde tatsächlich die 0.9.10 noch mal zurückgezogen.

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