Bean Flowers Gallery 🌸

Bean plants produce wonderful flowers. For gardeners the flowers are a sign that the plant is growing successfully and will soon produce beans. Every variety has its own colour flower.

Planting out beans 🫘

Now is the time to be thinking about this years crop of climbing beans. Beans grow very well in city gardens, from containers or in soil beds.

Watering Your Garden 💦

Watering a vegetable garden is a chore. There are a range of new technology systems that are inexpensive and easy to install that take over the task and automate watering.

Growing cucumbers gallery 🥒

Cucumbers and squash grow well in the city. In terms of reliability they grow better than tomatoes.

Planting courgettes 🥒

Courgettes can be grown in soil beds but as they are the absolute favourite of slugs and snails, containers can work better.

Summer salad 🥗

Trying for summer lettuce can be hard work. Some varieties work one year and not the next. It is very much trial and error. Ideally lettuce in containers wants morning sun and afternoon shade.

Growing tomatoes gallery 🍅

Cities are ideal places for growing tomatoes. Tomatoes require relatively little space, can be grown in soil beds or containers and thrive when attached to walls and structures.

Tomato planting time 🍅

Tomato plants whether started from seed or bought from a nursery grow well in raised beds with good drainage.

Slugs and Snails 🐌

The average city garden can be home to several thousand slugs and snails. Thus if you choose to garden in Brussels (or any rainy place) you have a choice between becoming a psychopathic hunter crawling about in the garden at night with a torch, or accepting the reality of the gastropod situation and adjusting your gardening expectations accordingly.

Growing salad gallery 🥗

Growing salad in containers avoids many of the problems associated with open soil cultivation. The “cut and come again” method, which provides a constant supply of leaves.

Salad in containers progress 🥗

In general salad crops do not benefit from direct sunlight. This makes them ideal for shaded city gardens. Usually best either side of a super warm summer.

Raised Bed Gardening 🌱

Raised garden beds produce significantly larger yields than traditional beds. They can be situated on the ground or on solid surfaces such as pathways or flat roof areas.

Vertical gardening gallery 📐

Vertical gardening is for gardeners who do not have a lot of horizontal space. It has become a niche science these days with many elaborate and quite amazing systems.

Spring planting 🌱
Spring is not the season it used to be. These days spring can involve soaring and plunging temperatures in a matter of days. This is very bad for young plants trying to establish outdoors.

Starting onion sets 🧅
Onions can be started from seed but this is quite difficult. Instead, onion sets, small immature onions, are a quick way to get a crop started.

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