Why mass surveillance does not help against terrorism. Our democracy is under attack. Privacy matters. Great short video: youtu.be/V9_PjdU3Mpo mastodon.social/media/gmOkQOTj

It uses blockchain and even offers you the possibility to earn money off of unused bandwidth or if you are a creator, your content.

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The Mastodon "Remote follow" feature could be so easily used to phish the average Mastodon user into signing into a fake instance.

⚠️ Important security reminder: Always make sure the URL shows your "home instance" when logging in.

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PSA: Unicode look-a-like character substitution makes it impossible to see which one is phising. Please spread the message! wordfence.com/blog/2017/04/chr


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Ok Mastodon users, I need your help.

is looking better every day, but I want it to be a community project.

I want you to tell me what feature (or features) *you* want on the Android client of your dreams.

Beautiful design (almost done :P), blazing fast scrolling, dank memes (?), everything!

Every boost/reply is appreciated :smile:

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And.... here we go! The main Mastodon Network Monitoring dashboard now features a #realtime #worldmap of #mastodon users!


Et voila ! le dashboard principal de Mastodon Network Monitoring inclut maintenant une carte du monde en temps réel des utilisateurs de Mastodon !

Live version -> mnm.eliotberriot.com


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Some things to keep in mind if you are looking for a trustworthy VPN service. protonmail.com/blog/trusted-vp

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So I thought it'd be a cool privacy feature for Mastodon to automatically strip EXIF metadata from photos (e.g. GPS latlong, date, etc.). Turns out Eugen already thought of that! 😁 github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

I even checked some uploaded photos with ImageMagick; they're all empty! BTW here's the EXIF data from a typical photo I took on my Nexus 5X. I really did have to make the text that small to fit.

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@Ashoka god bless Kickstarter / Patreon / etc for making crowdfunding easy, socially acceptable, and commonplace. Fuck monetization, go community support 💞

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500 character messages feels like Twitter with expansion pack DLC. :joy:

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me verifying Signal safety numbers: "do you want to top or bottom?"

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I can't stress this enough guys if you're having login issues it's likely something I can't touch - the current login process is done by a web view, as there are no dedicated login API methods. If you're unable to login you need to work with the admin of your instance

That said, if you are using an iOS device it will randomize your MAC address will searching for WiFi networks. This means that the risk is greatly reduced.

I would recommend not using their WiFi network. Disable WiFi and Bluetooth.

If you still want to use their WiFi network, don't register with your personal e-mail. Use some kind of disposable address.

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