* Disabled POLIS and Bitcore (Cryptopedia hacked, breaking the tests)
* Fix crowdfund app bugs (@MrKukks)
* No change UTXO option for wallet docs.btcpayserver.org/features (@NicolasDorier)
* Roundup invoice price to currency denomination (@NicolasDorier)

Critical update for c-lightning user of BTCPay.
You need to update now, an infinite loop can be triggered on pruned nodes which result in your c-lightning node periodically crashing. (Details on github.com/ElementsProject/lig …)

We updated our image.

UPDATE highly recommended for BTCPay users which are using c-lightning!

Lot's users reported trouble with c-lightning recently for this reason: github.com/ElementsProject/lig

We released a new version based on the current master of CLightning which should fix this issue.

* Finally C-Lightning users have a decent wallet! The excellent Spark Wallet by @shesek has been integrated to BTCPay docker deploy! Update and go to "Server settings / Services / Spark wallet" to connect to it :)))
* Removal of "Restricted macaroon" in LND configs
* Removing BIP70 support
* Removing anonymous access to "invoices/{invoiceId}" route
* Proper error message if BitId signature is incorrect
* In "add derivation scheme" page, improve UX with ledger integration when ledger ask permission for showing HD pub keys to BTCPay

* Want to pay something for christmas but refuse to use shitty wallets? fear not, we got your back!

* Improve expiration invoice message (@CheapAir)
* Export of invoices list in JSON or CSV (@rockstardev )
* Polish and Serbian checkout support (marcin.repec and nedved)

BTCPayServer docker deployment is now working out of the box on raspberry PI (ARM32v7): raspberry.btcpayserver.org/

We now build the docker images on @circleci with the multi-arch manifest for all our deps (@r0ckstardev and @NicolasDorier)

(TODO: images of LND and c-lightning)

* Allow empty template for PoS app
* Can add images and description to item in PoS app (@mariodian)
* btcpay.js easier to use (no need to call setApiUrlPrefix)
* Fix language dropdown bug in Store settings (@MrKukks)
* Default PoS app feature cool tea shop! (@mariodian)

* Model popup for invoices with btcpay.js (@r0ckstardev)
* i18n refactoring for transifex support (@MrKukks @britttttkelly)
* Can read logs on Server settings page (@MrKukks)
* Unconf transaction in wallet transaction list are now displayed with low opacity (boring):
* Fix: Sending from Ledger wallet on non segwit coins could freeze
* Fix: Kraken rates were not properly parsed for DOGE/DASH
* Fix: Could not rescan wallet on BTC if LTC node synching
* Fix: It should not be possible to rescan on non segwit wallets
* Fix: Search invoice from txid was not working
* UX: Improve UX of the store's API token
* UX: Break "Send from wallet" in two screens, one for the send parameters, the other for signing.

* LND-Rest is now exposed (available in server settings / services) @rockstardev
* Changelly support @kukks
* Wallet UTXO set rescan @NicolasDorier
* MySql support @sipsorcery
* Ukrainian, Kazakh, Vietnamese support @britttttkelly

Not your mother's update!

RT @BitcoinMagazine@twitter.com
As BTCPay expands (@BTCPayServer), @NicolasDorier@twitter.com hopes to continue to lengthen the already impressive strides of the 1-year-old payment processor , with the end goal of overtaking the industry’s frontrunner:


Someone submitted a DMCA copyright notice and @Reddit deleted @BTCPayServer Guide posted on r/Bitcoin. Hilarious. No information on what grounds or who. Luckily, there's a backup pastebin.com/r4LE55Ta

Before someone tries to spin it, no it's not r/Bitcoin or their mods, this is Reddit.

* Fix concurrency bug on Lightning code QR (@rockstardev)
* Can save logs into rolling file logs with --debuglog (@sipsorcery)

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