* Allow empty template for PoS app
* Can add images and description to item in PoS app (@mariodian)
* btcpay.js easier to use (no need to call setApiUrlPrefix)
* Fix language dropdown bug in Store settings (@MrKukks)
* Default PoS app feature cool tea shop! (@mariodian)

* Model popup for invoices with btcpay.js (@r0ckstardev)
* i18n refactoring for transifex support (@MrKukks @britttttkelly)
* Can read logs on Server settings page (@MrKukks)
* Unconf transaction in wallet transaction list are now displayed with low opacity (boring):
* Fix: Sending from Ledger wallet on non segwit coins could freeze
* Fix: Kraken rates were not properly parsed for DOGE/DASH
* Fix: Could not rescan wallet on BTC if LTC node synching
* Fix: It should not be possible to rescan on non segwit wallets
* Fix: Search invoice from txid was not working
* UX: Improve UX of the store's API token
* UX: Break "Send from wallet" in two screens, one for the send parameters, the other for signing.

Made some @BTCPayServer infographics today. Feel free to print out and share.

* LND-Rest is now exposed (available in server settings / services) @rockstardev
* Changelly support @kukks
* Wallet UTXO set rescan @NicolasDorier
* MySql support @sipsorcery
* Ukrainian, Kazakh, Vietnamese support @britttttkelly

Not your mother's update!

RT @BitcoinMagazine@twitter.com
As BTCPay expands (@BTCPayServer), @NicolasDorier@twitter.com hopes to continue to lengthen the already impressive strides of the 1-year-old payment processor , with the end goal of overtaking the industry’s frontrunner:


Someone submitted a DMCA copyright notice and @Reddit deleted @BTCPayServer Guide posted on r/Bitcoin. Hilarious. No information on what grounds or who. Luckily, there's a backup pastebin.com/r4LE55Ta

Before someone tries to spin it, no it's not r/Bitcoin or their mods, this is Reddit.

* Fix concurrency bug on Lightning code QR (@rockstardev)
* Can save logs into rolling file logs with --debuglog (@sipsorcery)

* Nepali and Russian checkout page by @britttttkelly
* French fixes by @Bob_le_chinois
* Fix of home page menu header on mobile by @r0ckstardev
* Notification mail for pay button (#297) by @r0ckstardev
* Fix change which broke btcpay-python get_invoice (#327)

Some details about the fixed bug symptoms:

* Some invoices would not have been marked paid despite getting paid
* Some invoices would reuse the same address as another invoice
* The checkout page failing to show on-chain payment method

All those case would have resulted in some complaints from your customer.
It seems nobody reported it. But just in case, you should update.


* Severe bug in NBXplorer which could result in payments not properly received
* Node Info QR Code now available on the checkout page @rockstardev


Yesterday lunanode launch the BTCPay launcher for easy deploy. Today they ran out of 50 addresses per week certificate generation of let's encrypt :p

My @BTCPayServer is now live !
If you want to give it a shot, you're welcome to create your own store at my place : btcpay.sosthene.net
First #Lightning channel opened with @bitcoinshirt : 02b414e4e29a685b8699152be47a0420fa3c8ab59629d2da2d6c0a95c582636350@
Feel free to connect and open channels with me : 03bb5f22692d79f7041f117494125f533a15844abfcd44192b61b58827a44adc95@

Launch your full Bitcoin + @lightning node today with BTCPay Server on top. Process is fully automated and takes less than a minute + whole setup costs less than $10/month. Read more: medium.com/@BtcpayServer/launc

Launcher on: launchbtcpay.lunanode.com

Docker deployment:

* Update to LND 0.5-beta
* Update to CLightning v.0.6.1
* BTCPay (Bugfixing display of custom amount entry in POS + support of LND 0.5)

If you are using LND you need to run this github.com/btcpayserver/btcpay … after updating.

Will share this account with @rockstardev and @bitcoinshirt@bitcoinhackers.org . As BTCPay grows, I try to keep focus on the code.

Le tuto BTCPay réalisé par @bitcoinshirt est désormais disponible en français.

Plus d'info ici 👉 bitcoin.fr/btcpay-tuto/

While @BTCPayServer updated to 0.16.3, nothing has been done for altcoin. Altcoin communities are responsible to patch CVE-2018-17144 and make a PR updating their images in BTCPay.

Just updated clightning on the docker deploy to commit 634f19a7b230edc686be56ab950b80784e56252c . (2 months and a half of commits)

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