i didn't put my sleeping bag in the high spin mode in the washer or micromanage it while it was drying

I bodged a coax cable onto a mini wifi dongle which then ripped the pads off of the wifi dongle... 😬

it's that time of the day again... when I get the empty feeling no matter what

[TH 7] I made it to the last spellcard after doing a near perfect (one bomb) Cherry Blossom Sign "Perfect Ink-Black Cherry Blossom"

and then lost because I didn't have any lives left 🥲

[TH 7] relaxed touhou game didn't see me making it past yomu.

Still, I think I had a good time.

Filth otaku cyclist, probably a socialist. Previously medicated ADHD. Interested in makerspace drama, mental health, social justice, maybe motorsports.

I quit my engineering job doing safety-critical embedded aero systems.

Always open to questions, still completing the quarter life crisis.


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