Delhi has a fifth season now: Air pollution season. Avoid.

So here's what I going to do differently here. I am going to follow more people. Hear new and more voices. Listen. And not recommend anyone. Everyone is good and if you need to follow or hear someone, you will find them. You don't need me.

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I've been thinking of game theory a lot lately and honestly, being on Twitter is a zero-sum game. So, while I get that a lot of people want to stay and fight, I just think the game is rigged for them to lose with the illusion of probability of winning. It's how capitalism works. Staying and fighting on their turf is never gonna result in a favorable outcome for you. So quit playing their game.

I have to say, Mastodon has swiftly reduced my interest in other SM. The only platform I've been using extensively is Instagram (I have like 9 handles 🤯) and yes, the grid inspires me but the algorithms are so fuckall. I have received more appreciation here for my work @aurpera than I have on IG in all these years. I get a genuine sense of safety, respect, love and warmth here. I cannot leave IG for work reasons but I really wish for an exodus to happen from there too.

3,601,458 accounts
+73 in the last hour
+4,167 in the last day
+40,685 in the last week

What's needed is for the Muslim working class youth to get off their Bikes, Bollywood, and Blissful unawareness now and get strongly political.

Read, Study, Educate, Organise and Agitate.

Radicalize and Revolutionise.

The alternative is annihilation...

A little reminder, I'm just one person who is working on this platform, I do not have a team or big resources.

I'm doing the best I can and I learn a lot along the way! 💪 I'm just a simple tech guy with a simple laptop trying to give you all a nice digital home 😉 We will get there but unfortunately I don't have the same resources as platforms like #Twitter

I am very sorry for the lag and the somewhat longer waits, it will be fixed soon. Promise! ❤️

if you're going to call sports shoes kicks, i'm going to give you a glove which is a slap

Please check the page above before suggesting another language to add, because it might already be there. Also, translations depend on community contributions, "adding" a language only means it's now possible to submit translations for it.

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Breaking : NCP sets condition to Shiv sena - Nawab Malik to - Shiv Sena should resign from Centre, disassociate with BJP. Then send us proposal, we shall look at it. How can they work with BJP at centre and want alliance with us in state?


Worshippers of totalitarian regime are requesting Indian Govt. to ban @Mastodon in India. Demeaning activists, writers, students & branding them anti national wasn't enough, so now they have audacity to crush platforms supporting voices of dissent. What threatened them? Fight against Casteism!
@Gargron It's farcical how they claim, Mastodon suppresses 'normal' voice? So it means who?🤔
May be, Its Castiest, Racist, Xenophobes who are trying to 'normalize' hate!

I have added Hindi, Marathi and Kannada to our translation portal:

@riddhima Welcome. Kindly introduce yourself to in a with this two hashtags

A proper would help you interact with like minded here and increase your followers. Follow back requested to all your followers to build the community here.

Best Luck & Wishes

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