Hey there! I'm Kellan; Animator and Freelance Artist who has done work for Game Grumps, JackSepticEye, Ninja Sex Party and Marvel!

I love doing collage posters, cute animations, and colorful portraits! I dream of someday making my graphic novel series "BallBots!"

@BallBots I still don't really know what Game Grumps is even though Friends Without Benefits mentions them a decent amount. :thonk:

@gudenau They're an older Let's Play channel, but they're very loose and down to earth, and they throw tons of support to the animation and arts communities, cause the founder is Egoraptor. He was one of the most popular Newgrounds animators from back in the day

@BallBots To be honest I could look them up, I just don't care enough to. :-P

Good luck here!


Sorry, I have ALWAYS loved you GG work

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