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We have a new website and it's got a Downloads section, for your DIY Samizdat needs:

On the , freedom of the press is ultimately impossible under capitalism, as long as it is commodified, by Lopez or any other crony. ABS-CBN ought be owned by the workers themselves and then some!

“‘Radical’ cis (het) men—you need to step the fuck up. Your silence is literally harming us.”

“Wrath Over Pride: A call-out post to “radical” cis (het) men and their inadequacy in gender struggles”

Mabuhay ang pakikibaka ng lahat ng inaapi!

Check out this statement signed by anarchist groupings from all over the world. “The Oppressed Classes Rise Up Against Racism and Discrimination”

To be queer is to not be normal. To be queer is to love all.

“To Be Queer is to Love All: A Perspective on Queer Activism and Anarchism in the Philippines”

Check out our collaboration piece with Lausan interlinking the Hongkonger struggle against the National Security Law with the Philippine struggle against the Terror Law.

“Against emergency: The interlinked struggles in Hong Kong and the Philippines”

Ibasura ang Terror Law! Bakit natin paniniwalaan ang mga pasistang nangiimbento ng terorista?

Basahin sa Tagalog:
“Kontra sa Terror ng Anti-Terror”

Read in English:
“Against the Terror of Anti-Terror”

Baca dalam bahasa Indonesia:
“Melawan Teror dari RUU Antiterorisme”

Lee esto en español:
“Contra el terror del Antiterrorismo”

Propaganda is simply one of many tactics that Anarchists could employ within their own praxis.

“Advertising Anarchy”

In the face of an expected new wave of arrests from the Terror Law (), we propose an abolitionist prisoner support group patterned after the Black Cross movement.

“Black Cross: A Proposal for an Abolitionist Prisoner Support Group”


We ask the international community for their aid, for we will be deploying support structures and other ways to pursue liberation, by whatever means necessary.

Boosts are more than welcomed, and thank you for reading this far

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Earlier today, President Duterte signed the Anti-Terror Bill into law, in the face of a global pandemic with an uncontrollable rate of infections at home. The events of the past few weeks, from the suppression of the 2020 Pride March and countless other examples of the govt trying to solve a medical problem with violent means, give us no hope that the bill will ever be implemented with the people's best interests in mind.

In the face of increased oppression, we cannot afford to stop now.

"We call, under no uncertain terms, for an end to this Martial Law that pretends to be a Quarantine. We call for the immediate release of the 20 activists who were arrested during the Pride March. We call for the withdrawal of any and all charges made against them and their supporters."

Senator Lacson says, “To the anarchist, the best law is no law.” We agree! We anarchist aim for the end of the domination of the law! Check out “Life Without Law: An introduction to anarchist politics.”

The military just practically arrested a 70 year old indigenous woman and leader via helicopter. This is ridiculous!

"MT. PROVINCE: Annie is the older sister of Vicky Tauli-Corpuz the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the RIghts of Indigenous Peoples Vicky is currently coordinating with the military as to where Annie will be brought"

We know why: because the state's priority is the expansion of its powers (of surveillance and policing in this case). Everything else is not a priority, not Marawi siege victims, not COVID-19 patients.

"Hataman: Why rush anti-terror bill, but not Marawi siege victims' compensation?"

"Freedom of the press is ultimately impossible under capitalism. If the state does not actively take part in censoring and delimiting information, it will be the corporation and commercial media elites that commodifies, censors, and delimits."

Abolish the police and abolish prisons. They have no use or benefit to society.

Translation:"there's someone here!" said a voice from behind the bookshelf after the team of Commission on Human Rights (CHR) knocked on the walls of the Drug Enforcement Unit office of Manila Police Station 1, Tondo, Manila during a surprise jail visit on April 27, 2017.

An anarchist protest at UPD University Avenue, June 12, 10AM. Mañanita: A party without politicians, a people's solidarity action against state terrorism!

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