We're sure western anarchists are familiar with anarchist revolutions in Catalonia and Ukraine, but we in Asia have our own anarchist revolution in Revolutionary Shinmin which lasted from 1929-1931.

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Revolutionary Shinmin was organized by the Korean Anarchist Communist Federation and as an autonomous territory it was known as the “Korean People’s Association in Manchuria.”

(Picture of the federation members)

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Over two million Koreans lived in the territory administered by the Korean People’s Association in Manchuria.

"Using assemblies and a decentralized federative structure that grew out of the KACF, they created village councils, district councils, and area councils to deal with matters of cooperative agriculture, education, and finance."

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"They also formed an army spearheaded by the anarchist Kim Jwa-Jin, which used guerrilla tactics against Soviet and Japanese forces. KACF sections in China, Korea, and Japan organized international support efforts."

"for two years, large populations had freed themselves from the authority of landlords and governors and reasserted their power to come to collective decisions, to organize their day-to-day life, pursue their dreams, and defend those dreams from invading armies."

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"Organised as the Korean People’s Association in Manchuria it declared its aim as 'an independent self-governing cooperative system of the Korean people who assembled their full power to save our nation by struggling against Japan.'"

"The structure was federal going from village meetings to district and area conferences. The general association was composed of delegates from the districts and areas."

From Alan MacSimoin, The Korean Anarchist Movement.

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While it was short-lived and was ultimately crushed by Japanese imperialism, Revolutionary Shinmin is an example that anarchism is possible and is not merely a western concept.

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